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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
793 VegBank Bug New Normal Build validation package:Default values for some fields (if null) Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:45 PM
845 VegBank Bug New Immediate Query manager - list of past queries Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:54 PM
895 VegBank Bug New Normal Load database:OR - NRIS-38000- duplicates with MJ possible Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:45 PM
971 VegBank Bug New Normal Build an observation synonym form Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:51 PM
750 VegBank Bug New Normal Allow users to write plug-ins for third party data formats, export and import Michael Lee 09/11/2006 02:01 PM
720 VegBank Bug New Normal Party Perspective Managment (plant/comm):General interface to allow Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:56 PM
884 VegBank Bug New Immediate Load database:NY-ESF-1500: DF Michael Lee 09/11/2006 03:10 PM
886 VegBank Bug New Normal Load database:Utah-1460: December Dave Roberts Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:41 PM
1956 VegBank Bug New Normal function to fuzz and unfuzz locations for admin Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:20 PM
4490 VegBank Bug New Immediate expand plot searching to include various new criteria Michael Lee 10/22/2009 12:21 PM
5211 VegBank Bug New Normal Colorado data not entered correctly Michael Lee 10/20/2010 06:17 AM
4492 VegBank Bug New Immediate search for plots based on community and return plots matching plots in same hierarchy branch, either below (for sure) or above (maybe)? Michael Lee 10/22/2009 12:22 PM
890 VegBank Bug New Immediate Load database:Peet _NCVS-4000: add in Fall 2006 Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:26 PM
885 VegBank Bug New Low Load database:Wiser-1000 (lowPri: taxa issues) Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:53 PM
1608 VegBank Bug New Normal Load plots: NS/Hrtg: Nebraska: 1500 Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:48 PM
4499 VegBank Bug New Immediate Refresh VegBank from Public DB Michael Lee 10/22/2009 12:24 PM
4488 VegBank Bug New Immediate Freeform entry of new taxonomic concepts. Michael Lee 10/22/2009 12:20 PM
738 VegBank Bug New Normal TurboVeg plot import (TV-XML to VB-XML by our stylesheet) Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:48 PM
713 VegBank Bug New Normal Add intermediate levels to plantStatus, between standard levels. Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:50 PM
4489 VegBank Bug New Immediate ensure VegBank documents plot type in the sense of 'classification' plots vs. 'occurrence' plots. Michael Lee 10/22/2009 12:21 PM
681 VegBank Bug New Normal Website cleanup:Spelling and editing checks Michael Lee 09/11/2006 05:07 PM
913 VegBank Bug New Normal Load database:Enquist-500: Salvias DB Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:46 PM
4491 VegBank Bug New Normal Query database for plots classified to a particular community on a particular date Michael Lee 10/22/2009 12:22 PM
2457 VegBank Bug New Normal Link to list of certified users, renew embargo screens Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:31 PM
1974 VegBank Bug New Normal Implement VegBank International Party Perspective Michael Lee 09/11/2006 05:05 PM
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