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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3396 Metacat Bug In Progress Immediate Enable event notification feature Chris Jones 06/18/2008 12:45 PM
2447 Jalama Bug New Immediate Jalama web-app XUL doesn't work in Firefox 1.5+ Chris Jones 05/26/2006 03:50 PM
7213 Metacat Bug New Normal Document the EZID landing page template property Chris Jones 10/04/2017 05:43 PM
7203 Metacat Bug In Progress Normal Improve D1NodeService.isAuthorized() performance Chris Jones 07/22/2017 04:24 PM
7178 Metacat Bug New Normal MNodeService.getPackage() takes too long for large packages Chris Jones 03/29/2017 09:18 AM
7040 MetacatUI Story In Progress Normal A client side data and metadata manager and editor Chris Jones 12/16/2016 08:46 AM
6044 MetacatUI Bug In Progress Normal Enable sub-text searching in Solr queries Chris Jones 11/14/2013 08:09 AM
2313 Metacat Bug New Normal Metacat Skins: Skins should not be installed by default Chris Jones 08/01/2013 01:58 PM
1324 Metacat Bug New Normal A Commit or Save Work button that wrote intermediate results to the metadata Chris Jones 07/09/2013 02:17 PM
4573 Metacat Bug New Normal LDAP and Register CGIs reference skin-specific templates in the common area Chris Jones 10/26/2011 03:51 PM
2037 Jalama Bug New Normal Promoting Data/Metadata Chris Jones 08/26/2005 11:41 AM
1935 Jalama Bug New Normal Redesign PISCO EML to have complete list of fields, including the optional fields Chris Jones 08/26/2005 11:38 AM
1093 Jalama Bug In Progress Normal Unit tests for JS and XBL Chris Jones 08/26/2005 11:35 AM
1092 Jalama Bug In Progress Normal Find/Develop Documentation Tools For XBL and Javascript Chris Jones 08/26/2005 11:35 AM
1931 Jalama Bug New Low Support multiple tables Chris Jones 08/26/2005 11:36 AM
1630 Jalama Bug In Progress Low Drools Rules - Layout (pagination & flow) stage of UI Gen Chris Jones 08/26/2005 11:36 AM

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