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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3478 Metacat Bug Resolved Immediate Cannot insert XML documents Michael Daigle 09/17/2008 03:45 PM Actions
3506 Metacat Bug Resolved Immediate Data upload fails on dev Michael Daigle 10/03/2008 05:08 PM Actions
3512 FIRST Bug Resolved Immediate Expand keyword tagging beyond NBII lookup ben leinfelder 11/20/2008 03:48 PM Actions
3603 FIRST Bug Resolved Immediate Clean up data on ben leinfelder 11/11/2008 02:33 PM Actions
3610 FIRST Bug Resolved Immediate MorphoFIRST does not work with Morpho 1.6.2 jar ben leinfelder 11/11/2008 02:35 PM Actions
3618 Metacat Bug Resolved Immediate Metacat "binary distribution" does not include EcoGrid Michael Daigle 11/10/2008 11:05 AM Actions
3690 Metacat Bug Resolved Immediate Errors in {qformat}.properties.metadata.xml prevent successful startup Michael Daigle 12/08/2008 03:54 PM Actions
4045 FIRST Bug Resolved Immediate Incorrect use of <item> elements in QTI Ryan McFall 05/11/2009 08:09 AM Actions
4278 Kepler Bug Resolved Immediate Changes to a reopened KAR are not saved to the new KAR Aaron Aaron 09/03/2009 04:17 PM Actions
4304 Kepler Bug Resolved Immediate Progress monitor is blank when authenticating for KAR upload Sean Riddle 01/27/2010 11:28 AM Actions
5810 Metacat Feature Closed High Implement SOLR-based search Jing Tao 08/01/2013 02:00 PM Actions
6040 Metacat Task New High Metacat-index does not handle <references> Jing Tao 10/21/2013 02:23 PM Actions
6071 MetacatUI Bug Closed High Scroll to anchorId hidden by the fixed KNB header Lauren Walker 09/18/2013 09:20 AM Actions
6611 MetacatUI Bug Resolved High Make sure #signup view works with Windows 7+Mozilla. Lauren Walker 04/07/2015 12:02 PM Actions
2937 Kepler Bug Resolved Normal Differentiate error msg between broken dataset links and insufficient access ben leinfelder 02/15/2008 10:48 AM Actions
2939 Kepler Bug Resolved Normal Add ability to access password protected EarthGrid data from within Kepler ben leinfelder 02/07/2008 02:33 PM Actions
2940 Kepler Bug Resolved Normal Querybuilder with EMLDatasource actor does not return data Jing Tao 01/18/2008 11:59 AM Actions
2960 Kepler Bug Resolved Normal Change RExpression actor to use meaningful graphic file output names ben leinfelder 07/07/2008 11:50 AM Actions
2961 Kepler Bug Resolved Normal Include option in EMLDatasource actor to use 'most recent' data ben leinfelder 02/07/2008 02:35 PM Actions
2962 Kepler Bug New Normal Add metadata to data tokens so that it can be used downstream ben leinfelder 02/10/2012 12:15 AM Actions
2963 Kepler Bug New Normal Add data structure for tabular data and associated metadata ben leinfelder 08/17/2009 02:30 PM Actions
2964 Kepler Bug New Normal Change RExpression plotting actors to allow custom axis and title labels ben leinfelder 07/01/2008 11:33 AM Actions
2965 Kepler Bug Resolved Normal Ability to easily concatenate identical data structures (EMLDatasource) ben leinfelder 04/04/2008 05:01 PM Actions
2966 Kepler Bug Resolved Normal Add a 'Preview data' menu to data source actors ben leinfelder 02/05/2008 09:54 AM Actions
2967 Kepler Bug Resolved Normal Add a 'View data' menu to data source actors ben leinfelder 02/05/2008 10:02 AM Actions
2968 Kepler Bug New Normal Ability to join tables within same EML data package ben leinfelder 09/11/2007 06:10 PM Actions
2969 Kepler Bug New Normal Ability to join tables _across_ EML data packages ben leinfelder 09/11/2007 06:10 PM Actions
2972 SANParks Informatics Bug Resolved Normal alter spatial search to only include fully enclosed [center] points ben leinfelder 10/03/2007 11:16 AM Actions
2979 EML Bug Resolved Normal create Union query to concatenate results from multiple entities ben leinfelder 01/11/2010 11:09 AM Actions
2999 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal only one attribute per element returned with pathquery results ben leinfelder 05/20/2008 12:02 PM Actions
3007 SANParks Informatics Bug Resolved Normal Create SAEON skin with same/similar features as SANParks skin ben leinfelder 08/17/2009 02:06 PM Actions
3059 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal EML citation section should include both organizationNames and individualNames ben leinfelder 11/03/2008 11:19 AM Actions
3077 Kepler Bug Resolved Normal Querybuilder: condition "operator" and "criteria" are not being saved Jing Tao 01/22/2008 11:59 AM Actions
3079 SEEK Bug Resolved Normal Update namespace and service names for 1.0.0 version of Ecogrid ben leinfelder 02/15/2008 09:24 AM Actions
3080 SEEK Bug Resolved Normal Create AuthenticatedQueryService for Ecogrid-1.0.0 ben leinfelder 02/15/2008 09:24 AM Actions
3081 SEEK Bug Resolved Normal Deploy ecogrid-1.0.0 services for KNB (including registry) ben leinfelder 08/17/2009 02:06 PM Actions
3087 SEEK Bug Resolved Normal Add objectName parameter for PutService ben leinfelder 01/22/2008 02:45 PM Actions
3099 Kepler Bug Resolved Normal needs to be moved into pII source Chad Berkley 02/08/2008 09:05 AM Actions
3112 SEEK Bug New Normal Deploy ecogrid-1.0.0 services for DiGIR and enforce namespaces Dave Vieglais 01/30/2008 10:52 AM Actions
3124 Kepler Bug Resolved Normal Automatically refresh ecogrid sources (endpoints) once per Kepler ben leinfelder 04/01/2008 06:22 PM Actions
3125 Kepler Bug Resolved Normal Preview actor issues with EMLDatasource ben leinfelder 02/05/2008 09:44 AM Actions
3145 SEEK Bug New Normal Fix [or remove] web interface for ecogrid query Matt Jones 02/11/2008 02:05 PM Actions
3146 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal Include FGDC metadata in KNB and NCEAS skin search results ben leinfelder 07/25/2008 03:17 PM Actions
3148 Kepler Bug Resolved Normal Add authentication error reporting ben leinfelder 10/12/2009 03:19 PM Actions
3151 EML Bug Resolved Normal Package datamanager.jar without including classes from supporting jars ben leinfelder 02/15/2008 10:16 AM Actions
3152 Kepler Bug New Normal Use EcoGridServicesController with EcoGridWriter actor ben leinfelder 04/03/2009 02:18 PM Actions
3166 EML Bug Resolved Normal remove extra "attributeindex" parameter in eml-settings.xsl ben leinfelder 05/28/2008 10:03 AM Actions
3173 Kepler Bug Resolved Normal Improve data frame handling between RExpression actors ben leinfelder 03/12/2008 11:57 PM Actions
3191 Kepler Bug Resolved Normal Merge TextEditor changes with ptII source Christopher Brooks 03/31/2008 11:15 AM Actions
3193 FIRST Bug Resolved Normal Original PDF view disappears on resize Ryan McFall 10/13/2008 01:16 PM Actions
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