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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3895 Metacat Bug Closed Normal Add/update authentication architecture documentation Michael Daigle 04/09/2013 01:23 PM Actions
3894 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal Document metacat eclipse dev setup Michael Daigle 04/09/2010 01:19 PM Actions
3891 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal Create a scheduler service Michael Daigle 07/28/2009 01:45 PM Actions
3886 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal Metacat perfomance analysis Michael Daigle 04/22/2009 10:24 AM Actions
3884 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal Perl modules missing from 1.9.0 install Michael Daigle 03/11/2009 01:22 PM Actions
3883 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal OBFS skins still using ant tokens Michael Daigle 03/16/2009 01:10 PM Actions
3882 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal KNB Web links don't work correctly Michael Daigle 03/16/2009 01:12 PM Actions
3881 Metacat Bug Resolved Immediate Replication not working between KNB and LTER metacats Jing Tao 03/12/2009 10:40 AM Actions
3853 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal Make sure the sbclter and pisco skins work with token replacement Michael Daigle 03/16/2009 01:08 PM Actions
3849 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal Some perl make files are not included in metacat war install Michael Daigle 03/02/2009 09:49 AM Actions
3848 Metacat Bug Resolved Immediate Update metacat to use new EML tags Michael Daigle 03/02/2009 11:08 AM Actions
3833 Metacat Bug Rejected Normal Advanced search (liveMap) map doesn't display on linux firefox Michael Daigle 04/09/2013 01:26 PM Actions
3830 Metacat Bug New Normal Add the ability to modify multi-line properties Michael Daigle 07/28/2009 11:28 AM Actions
3826 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal Remove jdbc properties from if not needed Michael Daigle 02/18/2009 04:37 PM Actions
3825 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal indexPaths should be more readable in Michael Daigle 02/18/2009 04:36 PM Actions
3824 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal Normalize the app deploy dir in Michael Daigle 02/18/2009 11:30 AM Actions
3823 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal "make" dependency causes build to fail on windows Michael Daigle 02/18/2009 04:56 PM Actions
3822 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal Spatial part of advanced search doesn't work Michael Daigle 02/20/2009 11:16 AM Actions
3819 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal Error writing to replication log Michael Daigle 02/17/2009 09:37 AM Actions
3818 Metacat Bug Resolved Immediate Maps don't load for mac and windows Michael Daigle 02/12/2009 02:12 PM Actions
3814 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal Backed up directories are not getting read during configuration Michael Daigle 02/11/2009 10:36 AM Actions
3813 Metacat Bug Resolved Immediate Local save of backup location is not being written Michael Daigle 02/11/2009 10:36 AM Actions
3812 Metacat Bug Resolved Immediate Registry service will fail when registering new services Michael Daigle 02/10/2009 11:45 AM Actions
3811 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal Spatial caches should be backed up and restored ben leinfelder 11/09/2011 12:20 PM Actions
3806 Metacat Bug Resolved Immediate Multiple instances of metacat will try to back up configuration to the same directory Michael Daigle 02/06/2009 01:46 PM Actions
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