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195 Bug allow metacat to store files on multiple fs In Progress Normal Jing Tao Actions
213 Bug transaction support for packages New Immediate Jing Tao Actions
1324 Bug A Commit or Save Work button that wrote intermediate results to the metadata New Normal Chris Jones Actions
4886 Bug "DatabaseService is already registered" error after configuring Metacat New Normal ben leinfelder Actions
5243 Bug ldapweb.cgi crashes with invalid password characters New Normal Jing Tao Actions
5953 Feature Design and implement 'Your Collections' feature New Normal Actions
5958 Feature Implement Featured Data query and display New Normal Actions
5972 Feature Implement pre-caching of one or more prior and next result pages for faster page transitions New Normal Matt Jones Actions
5977 Feature Port web-based data-registry to backbone/bootstrap New Normal Actions
5979 Task Choose new site name In Progress Normal Matt Jones Actions
5980 Task Add result thumbnails to results listing New Normal Actions
5982 Feature Plans page New Normal Matt Jones Actions
5986 Task Mechanism to flag data as featured for the query New Normal Actions
5988 Task Create mechanism to associate images for slide show with featured data New Normal Actions
5995 Feature Add Most Cited section to pre-canned sidebar searches New Normal Actions
6010 Bug Windows 8 installation error New Normal ben leinfelder Actions
6013 Story KNB rebranding New Normal Actions
6022 Bug Morpho error on government computer with Windows 7 In Progress Normal ben leinfelder Actions
6038 Bug In the systemmetadata table on the dev2 machine, some guids have archvied=false and obsoleted_by= null, but the guids are the values of obsoletes of the other rows. New Normal Actions
6044 Bug Enable sub-text searching in Solr queries In Progress Normal Chris Jones Actions
6045 Bug Morpho not correctly handling Chinese characters In Progress Normal ben leinfelder Actions
6102 Bug actor classes not saved properly in KAR files New Normal Derik Barseghian Actions
6103 Bug Sort by Identifier sorts capitalized letters separately from undercase letters New Normal Actions
6147 Task Add ability to set logo and brand for group New Normal Actions
6175 Bug GenericJobSubmission actor sometimes runs job without completing data transfer. New Normal Actions
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