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7022 Bug Fatal processing error when updating an object with incorrect sysmeta New Normal
7035 Bug View service not rendering entity section New Normal
7053 Bug Parent dataset link in package view shows obsolete parent packages New Normal
7107 Feature Basic fields on the EML211 model New Normal
7108 Feature EMLParty modules New Normal
7109 Feature EMLKeyword modules New Normal
7110 Feature EMLOnlineDistribution New Normal
7111 Feature GeographicCoverage New Normal
7112 Feature TemporalCoverage New Normal
7113 Feature Taxon New Normal
7114 Feature EMLMethods New Normal
7115 Feature EMLProject New Normal
7116 Story Serialize an EML model to an EML document New Normal
7117 Story Serialize a System Metadata doc from a DataONEObject model In Progress Normal
7118 Story Create a new EML and its System Meta doc on a member node New Normal
7119 Story Render an EML model in the UI New Normal
7120 Story Overview section New Normal
7121 Story People section New Normal
7122 Story Dates section New Normal
7123 Story Locations section New Normal
7124 Story Taxa section New Normal
7125 Story Methods section New Normal
7126 Story Projects section New Normal
7127 Story Allow editing of EML display New Normal
7128 Story Make all fields in the EML View editable New Normal
7129 Story Update EML module models when their view fields are edited New Normal
7130 Story Update an EML doc and System Metadata doc on a member node New Normal
7131 Story Allow users to edit or create data packages in the editor New Normal
7134 Story Remove a data object from a collection New Normal
7135 Story Show data upload form to the user in the DataPackage view New Normal
7136 Story Add a new data file to a package New Normal
7137 Story Create a data package from scratch New Normal
7172 Bug Odd spacing/sizing/hover behavior in Submit/Login buttons in Arctic skin New Low
7205 Bug IDs mishandled when an update is made to a package with a DOI New Normal
7215 Bug Metacat produces an invalid ZIP archive when a package member has an invalid formatID New Normal
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