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# Tracker Subject Status Priority Assignee Target version
6453 Bug Dock icon changes to coffee cup New Normal Actions
6457 Bug safari gives cert error and fails to load UI New High Lauren Walker Actions
6481 Bug strange issue with MultipleTabDisplay actor and with Display like actors in general (missing output port in non-gui mode) New Normal Actions
6483 Feature Create "filter" views and models to control the search filters In Progress Normal Lauren Walker Actions
6510 Feature Display embedded videos in the metadata view New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
6516 Bug Solr index doesn't work in the remote host in the replication when a host is ubuntu 12.04 and another one is ubuntu 14.04 New Normal Actions
6523 Story Enhance SEO of MetacatUI New Normal Actions
6533 Feature Add capability to switch between querying the MN and CN in the search interface New Normal Actions
6544 Bug Check the validity of the URL before letting someone save it. New Normal Actions
6554 Feature Tag the Metacat doc pages to populate the docs index New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
6562 Task Do not send query for geohashes and autocomplete facets when navigating to different page in results New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
6571 Bug Kepler command line execution won't exit if the parameter to be set in command line does not exist in the workflow. New Normal Daniel Crawl Actions
6580 Bug element "alternateIdentifier" should be non-empty string type. New Normal Actions
6581 Feature Use the same language for unaffiliated accounts in "Create" and "Log in" dropdowns New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
6584 Bug bug in validity of personnel element New High Jing Tao Actions
6589 Bug common name in taxonomic coverage New Normal ben leinfelder Actions
6603 Feature Display related datasets at the bottom of the Metadata View New Low Lauren Walker Actions
6608 Feature Make filters in the data search view less cryptic when linking to a direct query New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
6618 Bug Make production morpho work on Java 7 New Normal Jing Tao Actions
6636 Task Add event listeners for hover features on mobile devices New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
6641 Feature add additional stats to #profile page New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
6648 Feature Create and use a field name map in all index requests New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
6649 Bug Metacat MN.create method doesn't check if the identifier exists in CNs (dataone network) New Normal Jing Tao Actions
6660 Task Add more options to the Person filter New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
6698 Feature Look at sorting by relevancy features in Solr New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
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