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# Tracker Subject Status Priority Assignee Target version
7123 Story Locations section New Normal Actions
7122 Story Dates section New Normal Actions
7121 Story People section New Normal Actions
7120 Story Overview section New Normal Actions
7119 Story Render an EML model in the UI New Normal Actions
7118 Story Create a new EML and its System Meta doc on a member node New Normal Actions
7117 Story Serialize a System Metadata doc from a DataONEObject model In Progress Normal Actions
7116 Story Serialize an EML model to an EML document New Normal Actions
7115 Feature EMLProject New Normal Actions
7114 Feature EMLMethods New Normal Actions
7113 Feature Taxon New Normal Actions
7112 Feature TemporalCoverage New Normal Actions
7111 Feature GeographicCoverage New Normal Actions
7110 Feature EMLOnlineDistribution New Normal Actions
7109 Feature EMLKeyword modules New Normal Actions
7108 Feature EMLParty modules New Normal Actions
7107 Feature Basic fields on the EML211 model New Normal Actions
7106 Story Retrieve an EML doc and parse into model attributes New Normal MetacatUI - 2.0.0 Actions
7104 Bug Navigating directly to a dataset #view page using a data pid sometimes goes to an obsoleted package New Normal Lauren Walker MetacatUI - 1.X.0 Actions
7099 Feature Create a new admin page for Metacat admins to register schemas New Normal Jing Tao Metacat - 2.9.0 Actions
7093 Bug Metacat-index is not indexing all package members correctly New Normal Jing Tao Actions
7092 Bug Upgrade xerces and xalan lib New Normal Jing Tao Actions
7091 Bug Metacat installation (the war file) doesn't include the FGDC schemas even though the loaddtdschema file creates an entry in the xml_catalog table for it New Normal Jing Tao Metacat - 2.9.0 Actions
7071 Feature Add a table of contents to the Metadata View for easier navigation New Normal Lauren Walker MetacatUI - 2.0.0 Actions
7062 Bug Unable to login to admin interface intermittently, NullPointerException when fail New Normal Jing Tao Actions
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