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6952 Bug error trying updating metadata on New Normal Actions
6959 Bug http response charset not included New Normal ben leinfelder Actions
6961 Story User interface changes to DataONE theme New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
6973 Feature Consider giving the user special feedback when viewing data packages with many (>1000) files New Normal Actions
6994 Bug Bad call to MNStorage.update() via REST API can result in bad state and StackOverflowErrors New Normal Actions
6995 Task Error message doesn't provide cause of error New Normal Actions
7001 Bug Odd sidebar rendering when switching resolutions New Normal Actions
7022 Bug Fatal processing error when updating an object with incorrect sysmeta New Normal Actions
7035 Bug View service not rendering entity section New Normal Actions
7053 Bug Parent dataset link in package view shows obsolete parent packages New Normal Actions
7057 Bug incorrect display of non-ascii characters In Progress Normal Lauren Walker Actions
7061 Bug Remove the oracle part on documentation New Normal Jing Tao Actions
7062 Bug Unable to login to admin interface intermittently, NullPointerException when fail New Normal Jing Tao Actions
7092 Bug Upgrade xerces and xalan lib New Normal Jing Tao Actions
7093 Bug Metacat-index is not indexing all package members correctly New Normal Jing Tao Actions
7107 Feature Basic fields on the EML211 model New Normal Actions
7108 Feature EMLParty modules New Normal Actions
7109 Feature EMLKeyword modules New Normal Actions
7110 Feature EMLOnlineDistribution New Normal Actions
7111 Feature GeographicCoverage New Normal Actions
7112 Feature TemporalCoverage New Normal Actions
7113 Feature Taxon New Normal Actions
7114 Feature EMLMethods New Normal Actions
7115 Feature EMLProject New Normal Actions
7116 Story Serialize an EML model to an EML document New Normal Actions
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