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6554 Feature Tag the Metacat doc pages to populate the docs index New Normal Lauren Walker
6544 Bug Check the validity of the URL before letting someone save it. New Normal
6533 Feature Add capability to switch between querying the MN and CN in the search interface New Normal
6523 Story Enhance SEO of MetacatUI New Normal
6516 Bug Solr index doesn't work in the remote host in the replication when a host is ubuntu 12.04 and another one is ubuntu 14.04 New Normal
6510 Feature Display embedded videos in the metadata view New Normal Lauren Walker
6483 Feature Create "filter" views and models to control the search filters In Progress Normal Lauren Walker
6481 Bug strange issue with MultipleTabDisplay actor and with Display like actors in general (missing output port in non-gui mode) New Normal
6457 Bug safari gives cert error and fails to load UI New High Lauren Walker
6453 Bug Dock icon changes to coffee cup New Normal
6449 Task First year label on X-axis of line charts does not display New Low Lauren Walker
6445 Feature Alter so that the script will iterate over pages of objects instead of updating the count in the code manually New Normal Lauren Walker
6436 Bug + characters are not URL-encoded when part of a text search and are therefore being decoded in metacat as a space character New Normal Lauren Walker
6413 Bug error when switching to DDF inside Case refinement New Normal Derik Barseghian
6410 Bug The box selection of Geographic Coverage screen doesn't work New Normal
6392 Task Create workflow encapsulating Sid's analysis New Normal Matt Jones
6391 Task document and upload Sid's data to a DataONE repository New Normal Corinna Gries
6390 Task organize Sid's R scripts and data New Normal Sydney Jones
6389 Story create example analysis and workflows New Normal
6384 Feature Metric: statistics New Normal
6383 Feature Metric: time-lag analysis New Normal
6382 Feature Metric: population stability New Normal
6381 Feature Metric: community stability New Normal
6380 Feature Metric: ordination (NMDS) New Normal
6379 Dataset Small Mammal Mark-Recapture Population Dynamics at Core Research Sites at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico (1989-2013) New Normal
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