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5953 Feature Design and implement 'Your Collections' feature New Normal
7114 Feature EMLMethods New Normal
6842 Feature Create more intelligent breadcrumbs New Low Lauren Walker
6820 Feature Add OR filter option New Low Lauren Walker
6904 Feature Display image in Metadata View for images that don't have isDocumentedBy populated New Low Lauren Walker
6603 Feature Display related datasets at the bottom of the Metadata View New Low Lauren Walker
6793 Support Update DOIs from KNB to redirect to view service In Progress High ben leinfelder
6391 Task document and upload Sid's data to a DataONE repository New Normal Corinna Gries
6683 Task Create responsive styling for the prov charts In Progress Normal Lauren Walker
6712 Task Consider a two-column layout on each side of the prov chart to better show the flow of data and programs New Normal Lauren Walker
6709 Task Show a broader view of the provenance trace in a pop-up window New Normal Lauren Walker
6682 Task Add tooltip to provenance features for more info New Normal Lauren Walker
6660 Task Add more options to the Person filter New Normal Lauren Walker
6710 Task Have left-right swiping animation as the user navigates the prov trace New Normal Lauren Walker
6562 Task Do not send query for geohashes and autocomplete facets when navigating to different page in results New Normal Lauren Walker
6636 Task Add event listeners for hover features on mobile devices New Normal Lauren Walker
6711 Task Add back button for prov trace New Normal Lauren Walker
6392 Task Create workflow encapsulating Sid's analysis New Normal Matt Jones
5979 Task Choose new site name In Progress Normal Matt Jones
6390 Task organize Sid's R scripts and data New Normal Sydney Jones
6375 Task First Community Workshop day 3 New Normal
6147 Task Add ability to set logo and brand for group New Normal
5986 Task Mechanism to flag data as featured for the query New Normal
6374 Task First Community Workshop day 2 New Normal
5988 Task Create mechanism to associate images for slide show with featured data New Normal
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