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7061 Bug Remove the oracle part on documentation New Normal Jing Tao Actions
7119 Story Render an EML model in the UI New Normal Actions
6457 Bug safari gives cert error and fails to load UI New High Lauren Walker Actions
6907 Bug Seach for object ID irregularly successful New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
7116 Story Serialize an EML model to an EML document New Normal Actions
7132 Feature Serialize a Resource Map from a DataPackage collection In Progress Normal Lauren Walker Actions
7117 Story Serialize a System Metadata doc from a DataONEObject model In Progress Normal Actions
6746 Bug Should create a Ecogrid tag from SEEK/Branch_1_2_3 for Metacat New Normal Jing Tao Actions
6709 Task Show a broader view of the provenance trace in a pop-up window New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
7135 Story Show data upload form to the user in the DataPackage view New Normal Actions
6805 Feature Show error message with Solr query error New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
6379 Dataset Small Mammal Mark-Recapture Population Dynamics at Core Research Sites at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico (1989-2013) New Normal Actions
6516 Bug Solr index doesn't work in the remote host in the replication when a host is ubuntu 12.04 and another one is ubuntu 14.04 New Normal Actions
6103 Bug Sort by Identifier sorts capitalized letters separately from undercase letters New Normal Actions
6481 Bug strange issue with MultipleTabDisplay actor and with Display like actors in general (missing output port in non-gui mode) New Normal Actions
6554 Feature Tag the Metacat doc pages to populate the docs index New Normal Lauren Walker Actions
7124 Story Taxa section New Normal Actions
7113 Feature Taxon New Normal Actions
7112 Feature TemporalCoverage New Normal Actions
6410 Bug The box selection of Geographic Coverage screen doesn't work New Normal Actions
213 Bug transaction support for packages New Immediate Jing Tao Actions
7062 Bug Unable to login to admin interface intermittently, NullPointerException when fail New Normal Jing Tao Actions
7130 Story Update an EML doc and System Metadata doc on a member node New Normal Actions
6793 Support Update DOIs from KNB to redirect to view service In Progress High ben leinfelder Actions
7129 Story Update EML module models when their view fields are edited New Normal Actions
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