From 04/29/2008 to 05/28/2008


10:03 AM Bug #3166: remove extra "attributeindex" parameter in eml-settings.xsl
This appears to be the same problem described in bug 2048
*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 2048 ***
Margaret O'Brien
10:03 AM Bug #2048: param attributeindex defined twice in eml-settings.xsl
*** Bug 3166 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Margaret O'Brien
09:50 AM Bug #2688: embedded text format ignored by Metacat
This bug is related to bug 3181, in which some elements typed xs:string may be chaned to ComplexType TextType to acco... Margaret O'Brien


02:15 PM Bug #3313 (Resolved): Edit EML documentation for access control
The ability to restrict access is a common request. I think it would be good to add the following information regardi... Callie Bowdish


02:39 PM Bug #2147: EML Stylesheet problem with web address URL's
It looks like the distribution URL could use the same fix as the other place that the web address is entered in. When... Callie Bowdish

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