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5903 Bug Resolved Replace "Owner" with "Creator" in EML stylesheets
5751 Bug New EML stylesheet problem for i18n text
5731 Bug New parser does not recognize attribute/@id in additionalMetadata/describes
5728 Bug New I18N is incomplete in EML 2.1.1
5704 Bug New update documentation for species binomials
5618 Bug Resolved odd characters cause html display of eml to fail
5617 Bug New date time format strings need a system
5615 Bug New Examine HTML skins for EML
5475 Bug New Make the data manager handle multiple physical representations in an entity
5427 Bug New round-trip encoding of missing values uploaded then queried from a db table is lost
5292 Bug New Need to update xerces jar files in the lib
5255 Bug New missing template for method/methodStep/software/implementation/distribution/inline
4683 Bug New The knb xslt stylesheet display is squished over to the left
4433 Bug New children element with namespace prefix were considered invalid by parser
4265 Bug New texttype stylesheet does not correctly handle mixed content
4117 Bug New squished rendering of some EML datasets
4115 Bug New emlparser and metacat-emlparser do not return same results
4114 Bug New Update stylesheets to improve entityCodeList display
3861 Bug New standardize namespace prefixed used for protocol module
3855 Bug New Create an EML Utilities module
3754 Bug New Provide metadata docid along with data docid in download URL
3590 Bug New eml-documentation stylesheet problem with derived content.
3508 Bug New create a stylesheet for EML2.0.x to EML 2.1.0
3492 Bug In Progress Unit should be pluralized by default
3465 Bug New Change InlineType to CDATA
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