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Bug #3829: Support UTF8 encoded XML in Metacat
Bug #3868: image does not show
Bug #4391: Current scheme of naming revisions of datapackages under Morpho seems faulty
Bug #4861: NBII Connectivity Issues
Bug #4875: Unintended text displayed on EdMLDataviewContainerPanel
Bug #4917: Parsed multi-part questions aren't saved/retrieved correctly
Bug #4999: FIRST Website download and missing metadata issues
Bug #5039: Errors while saving assessments on to the server
Bug #5053: Attempt to download either yields empty file or throws an error (Bespin)
Bug #3442: Add first/last page buttons to PDFPane and ExtractedQuestionsPane
Bug #3359: Allow files to be assigned to only sensible types of data
Bug #3404: Make JLists larger in AssignExternalFiles
Bug #3748: Undo doesn't work for image manipulation + other contexts
Bug #3810: PDF document being viewed does not maximize when the window is maximized.
Bug #3866: Undo does not work on question type change action
Bug #3880: Handle exceptions when parser is running
Bug #3924: Searching for choices in multiple choice question can cross question boundaries
Bug #3974: Saved parsed items do not show up in the Assessment Importer (in DataPackage wizard)
Bug #4058: Question 46 on Fall05-Exam3.pdf causes error in recognition
Bug #4435: The "Assign" button is de-activated if both response and score are seleceted when the student response data in PDF file is imported
Bug #3285: Auto size JTable in DataSourcePreviewPanel
Bug #3307: Deal with student data in columns better
Bug #3311: Delete old auto-save files
Bug #3353: ResponseItem subclasses do not write answers to XML
Bug #3455: Show non-active data types in LabelDataColumns in a different color than the current data type
Bug #3469: Need a "find" feature in the MainWindow GUI
Bug #3514: Import assessments with no assessment-level score detail
Bug #3624: Show details about active selection in SelectIndividualText
Bug #3627: May need way to select image from original document while editing questions
Bug #3661: Add ability to show bounding boxes around vector images
Bug #3664: Allow exception pages for header/footer selections
Bug #3716: Selected rectangle can have its origin moved above the top of the document
Bug #3821: Cannot launch parser within Morpho when using Java 1.6
Bug #3867: adding question number
Bug #3971: The original PDF document does not open when you reopen parsed items under Data Package interface
Bug #4146: Allow for multiple responses (check all that apply) for MultipleChoiceResponseItem
Bug #4725: Out of order question numbers can cause faulty question recognition
Bug #4726: Re-sizing parser's main and original document windows froze the morpho application
Bug #4918: New feature request (inter-related multi-part questions)
Bug #4406: Include assessmentItemId in the Metacat indexPaths property
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