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3828 Bug Resolved Ignored pages are not ignored
3827 Bug Resolved User is prompted to deal with Vector graphics on ignored pages
3746 Bug Resolved Need ability to make text superscript and subscript
3745 Bug Resolved Bold, italics and underline buttons are not functional
3707 Bug Resolved PDF parser exceptions on Linux
3692 Bug Resolved Create QueryPlugin specific to FIRST version of Morpho
3676 Bug Resolved NBII Thesaurus lookup: "remember" last search results
3674 Bug Resolved External Response file not saved in data table
3665 Bug Resolved Need to indicate where instructions for multi-part question go
3653 Bug Resolved Editing questions after parsing: need to handle ecogrid referenced images
3651 Bug Resolved Invalid QTI serialization for hotspot image questions
3643 Bug Resolved Invalid QTI serialization for image material
3629 Bug Resolved Make it clearer where images can be dropped
3628 Bug Resolved Question number (and choice number) included in prompt
3626 Bug Resolved Too hard to find edit button on multi-part questions
3625 Bug Resolved Initial page on New Data Package Wizard has display issues
3623 Bug Resolved Remove Selector from PDFPane in MainWindow unless selecting from text
3621 Bug Resolved Choose text from source needs attention
3615 Bug Resolved Should check to ensure modifications actually occurred before moving to confirm edit state
3584 Bug Resolved Switching wizard pages breaks previously existing selections
3583 Bug Resolved Allow new selection to be made when rectangle is selected
3582 Bug Resolved Cannot set question number for questions with no question number detected
3580 Bug Resolved Extracted Questions content not scrollable
3579 Bug Resolved Ignored page painter doesn't work correctly with scroll panes
3571 Bug Resolved Add hourglass when switching pages on PDF
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