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5053 Bug New Attempt to download either yields empty file or throws an error (Bespin)
5039 Bug New Errors while saving assessments on to the server
5038 Bug Resolved Assessment items not displayed on the website
4999 Bug New FIRST Website download and missing metadata issues
4917 Bug New Parsed multi-part questions aren't saved/retrieved correctly
4901 Bug Resolved Web interface does not display assessments!
4875 Bug New Unintended text displayed on EdMLDataviewContainerPanel
4863 Bug Resolved Assessments saved on the server and opened on a non-local machine do not display images
4861 Bug New NBII Connectivity Issues
4391 Bug New Current scheme of naming revisions of datapackages under Morpho seems faulty
4352 Bug Resolved Metadata for each item disappears after saving and re-opening
4309 Bug Resolved Some of Data packages could not be uploaded to web
4262 Bug Resolved The search option, Browse All Assessments, on the First Website does not function properly in IE version 6 - latest.
4145 Bug Resolved Mouse cusor moves up to other question B when user try to add image into question A. and it won't allow scroll down the window.
4127 Bug Resolved When image is added question, the mouse cursor moves to other question
3972 Bug Resolved image does now appears on main item window
3969 Bug Resolved Choices may be deleted due to indentation! (parser issue)
3964 Bug Resolved user defined image
3875 Bug Resolved seraching for items does not return individual item
3871 Bug Resolved HTML tags
3860 Bug Resolved installation error on VISTA
3859 Bug Resolved adding question
3857 Bug Resolved Next button on metadata input window
3704 Bug Resolved Check Metacat against Postgres v7.4
3657 Bug Resolved Interface to launch parser still confuses users
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