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2901 Bug Resolved Can't set new sampling level when resampling plots
2898 Bug Resolved Type only team, plot or just plot in SelectPlot field and it finds it
2897 Bug Resolved Allow users to change the year of their base plots
2894 Bug Resolved Entry Forms should change record souce, not use filters
2893 Bug Resolved VMD ordering should be flexible in forms: a few options and fall-back
2891 Bug Resolved Strata should always be shown, but tab stops can be off if no header
2890 Bug Resolved VMD improvements
2887 Bug Resolved "Empty Mod" pseudo-species causes catch-22 errors
2886 Bug Resolved Error checking flags null ddh for live-stakes
2882 Bug Resolved Entry tool doesn't allow entry of source for "new" stems during monitoring
2881 Bug Resolved Error checking flagged "[muliple]" as bad value.
2876 Bug Resolved Error checker thinks that non-vascular genera shouldn't have "sp."
2871 Bug Resolved stem mapping improvements needed
2866 Bug Resolved Migrate data from OLD entry db to OLD archive (w/ SAS) (52,59,61)
2865 Bug Resolved Datasheets & Protocol: Concrete soil (or similar) is problematic to our database
2862 Bug Resolved Add rationale for subsampling/stem cut-offs (affects entry-tool too)
2861 Bug Resolved DD-MMM-YYYY needed on level 1-2 plot datasheet
2860 Bug Resolved DS+Protocol: Add "U" = Unknown stem source
2859 Bug Resolved Rebar should be capped if used.
2858 Bug Resolved Need 6 spots for posts on datasheets
2856 Bug Resolved Make sure the sub-sapling only applies to saplings at level 2-3, not trees
2801 Bug Resolved reports get confused with level 2 data
2723 Bug Resolved Add "weird" taxa to new CVS Entry and Archive databases

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