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Bug #525: develop example protocol descriptions
Bug #526: get data sheets and protocol descriptions from NCEAS ecologists
Bug #527: compile and review existing software
Bug #528: contact MARINE about handheld development
Bug #1092: Find/Develop Documentation Tools For XBL and Javascript
Bug #1093: Unit tests for JS and XBL
Bug #1624: XBL Datatable Widget - make single values into labels
Bug #1627: XBL Datatable Widget - Configurable first page & header
Bug #1630: Drools Rules - Layout (pagination & flow) stage of UI Gen
Bug #1930: Build customization dialog to modify UIGen rules for form generator
Bug #1931: Support multiple tables
Bug #1933: XBL 2d Dropdown: various improvements
Bug #1934: XBL Datatable Widget - Implement Overridable Validation
Bug #1935: Redesign PISCO EML to have complete list of fields, including the optional fields
Bug #1936: XBL input widgets - Allow Widgets to be collapsed to save space if not required-field
Bug #1939: Spreadsheet summary view during collection
Bug #2018: Allow deployment server to check and sync latest Jalama s/w (war file)
Bug #2022: Morpho Plugin - Enhanced Dataset Upload and Merging
Bug #2037: Promoting Data/Metadata
Bug #2447: Jalama web-app XUL doesn't work in Firefox 1.5+
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