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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2328 Bug Resolved Normal Memory use problems with multiple EML Datasources Kevin Ruland 01/27/2006 11:07 AM
2326 Bug Resolved Normal Kepler workflow loading freezes when trying to load actors using a password attribute Kevin Ruland 01/05/2006 09:09 PM
2300 Bug Resolved Immediate migrate to new web services-only ecogrid client in Kepler Kevin Ruland 12/15/2005 06:48 AM
2278 Bug Resolved Normal Fix cache file name clash Kevin Ruland 11/16/2005 12:08 PM
2277 Bug Resolved Normal Simplify Kar loading Kevin Ruland 02/13/2006 02:19 PM
2275 Bug Resolved Immediate Replace the DataCacheManager Kevin Ruland 01/30/2006 10:45 AM
2141 Bug Resolved Immediate resultset cache expiration problem Kevin Ruland 02/03/2006 12:22 PM
1909 Bug Resolved Immediate generalize cache manager to provide support for very large data files Kevin Ruland 02/03/2006 12:26 PM

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