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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2383 Bug Resolved Normal mnemonics in menus not appearing Matthew Brooke 03/28/2006 07:40 AM
2358 Bug Resolved Normal need to add "..." to appropriate menu items Matthew Brooke 02/21/2006 09:41 PM
2343 Bug Resolved Normal add welcome screen for release 1.0 Nandita Mangal 12/13/2007 01:19 PM
2124 Bug Resolved Normal provide mechanism for user to see available nodes on ecogrid Chad Berkley 11/02/2005 05:08 PM
2115 Bug Resolved Normal add simple annotation dialog for now Chad Berkley 06/10/2005 01:26 PM
2114 Bug Resolved Normal display search results in both heirarchy and flat list Matthew Brooke 02/28/2006 07:00 PM
2112 Bug Resolved Normal add default data browse heirarchy Chad Berkley 11/02/2005 04:55 PM
2111 Bug Resolved Normal Add "view data" capability for data sources Chad Berkley 11/02/2005 04:52 PM
2110 Bug Resolved Normal Rename "Look Inside" to "Open Actor" Christopher Brooks 12/19/2005 12:06 PM
2108 Bug Resolved Normal changes to simple search Matthew Brooke 11/04/2005 11:14 PM
2107 Bug Resolved Normal add advance search capability for data Matthew Brooke 02/28/2006 08:31 PM
2038 Bug Resolved Normal review and correct information design (e.g., graphical layouts) Matthew Brooke 02/28/2006 08:05 PM
2035 Bug Resolved Normal use checkboxes and radio buttons correctly Laura Downey 04/13/2006 03:56 PM
2034 Bug Resolved Normal provide visual indication of default button/choice on windows/dialogs Matthew Brooke 04/13/2006 03:58 PM
2032 Bug Resolved Immediate application should open to main window not web page Christopher Brooks 02/09/2006 09:44 AM
2031 Bug Resolved Normal browse/filter for data and data nodes on the ecogrid and local Jing Tao 03/01/2006 11:09 AM
2030 Bug Resolved Normal deal with terminology issues in Kepler Matthew Brooke 02/28/2006 08:02 PM
2025 Bug Resolved Normal provide workflow and results in some publishable format Chad Berkley 11/02/2005 04:32 PM
2023 Bug Resolved Normal remove redundant labeling in tree Matthew Brooke 10/28/2008 05:49 PM
1872 Bug Resolved Normal kepler possibly not picking up changes as entered Chad Berkley 01/24/2006 11:11 AM
1849 Bug Resolved Normal pasting operation pastes directly over copied object Chad Berkley 01/07/2005 06:34 PM
1846 Bug Resolved Normal can't resize left pane (actor/data tab section) Chad Berkley 01/11/2005 01:51 PM
1845 Bug Resolved Normal user input for port type should not be case sensitive Matthew Brooke 12/20/2005 11:09 AM
1844 Bug Resolved Normal tool tip problems Matthew Brooke 04/06/2006 05:52 PM
1843 Bug Resolved Normal unexpected workflow components tree behavior Matthew Brooke 02/16/2006 12:51 PM

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