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5196 Bug Resolved uploading to remote server error.
5185 Bug Resolved common ontology_catalog.xml get modified
5184 Bug Resolved sanity check(s) when attempting to open owl file
5183 Bug Resolved Fix 6-WebServicesAndDataTransformation.xml
5182 Bug Resolved documentation needs updating for 2.1
5181 Bug Resolved welcome window shows wrong version number
5180 Bug Resolved Add a new Export File menu option that does a Save As (model xml)
5179 Bug Resolved determine if ptolemy 8.0.0 is the desired version for kepler 2.1.0 release
5178 Bug Resolved Documentation links are broken in help doc-index.html
5165 Bug Resolved implement a GUI Save action for KARs
5160 Bug Resolved problem changing suites using Module Manager
5154 Bug Resolved Curiously, no progress indicator shows progress during patching.
5147 Bug Resolved Resolve issue with modules.txt
5145 Bug Resolved kepler library skin is mostly broken
5143 Bug Resolved not getting prompted to upgrade to available patched version in test area
5126 Bug Resolved Determine whether we need to make installers for all minor releases
5121 Bug Resolved Provide a button to manually check for updates
5119 Bug Resolved Make switching to a specific set of modules turn off automatic update feature
5115 Bug Resolved enable system properties setting by updating or kepler.bat
5099 Bug Resolved Import Dependent Modules for KAR doesn't work
5085 Bug Resolved add table of contents to User's Guide
5026 Bug Resolved Error dialog pop up in RC3 when closing the ImageJ window after workflow execution.
4342 Bug Resolved apple-extensions module on windows make Eclipse build difficult

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