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5564 Bug Resolved dragging sdf director to the canvas causes exception
5549 Bug Resolved Help=>Modules Documentation not working in ubuntu
5508 Bug Resolved Link to "Additional background information on Ptolemy" brings up empty page
5507 Bug Resolved Windows Installer: The R choice is not unselectable
5506 Bug Resolved Windows Installer Page does not mention 2.3?
5505 Bug Resolved Kepler-2.3 installer should create directory named "Kepler-2.3", not "Kepler"
5504 Bug Resolved Kepler incorrectly uses old version of a kar file in ~KeplerData/workflows/MyWorkflows
5502 Bug Resolved use https to svn check out modules
5501 Bug Resolved Got an java.lang.NullPointerException when click any menu after downloading a kar file
5500 Bug Resolved unable to open kar in relaxed mode saved in patched 2.2.0 in 2.3.0
5496 Bug Resolved non-English (United State) OS locale causes File menu and button text to not show
5494 Bug Resolved existence of remote 2.2 patches can cause 2.3 to fail to start 2.2 on first attempt
5488 Bug Resolved domain/username/password in command line hadn't been parsed in kepler when kepler needed them to access external data objects
5484 Bug Resolved Module Manager GUI can fail to close and quit parent process
5473 Bug Resolved 2.3.0rc1 won't start on Windows XP
5462 Bug Resolved Can't run the kepler by ./ after decompressing the linux installer
5461 Bug Resolved Add a directory to contain all modules in linux installer
5460 Bug Resolved Mac OS X: Matlab Actors fail in
5455 Bug Resolved Documentation for 2.3.0
5446 Bug Resolved View=>XML View broken
5442 Bug Resolved View->Automate Layout doesn't work in kepler-2.3 branch
5441 Bug Resolved no 'work will be lost' warning when accepting a patch via Module Manager
5439 Bug Resolved file parameter ignores directory
5432 Bug Resolved 2.2 mac installer contains 2 copies of everything
5430 Bug Resolved problems with multiple instances of kepler
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