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6572 Bug Resolved An error is thrown when opening MatlabExpression.xml in common/workflows/demos/Matlab in trunk.
6829 Bug Closed ant change-to fails under Windows Server 2012 R2 with Cygwin
6615 Bug Resolved apple-extensions does not compile with java 8
6386 Bug Resolved cannot drop second matlab actor on canvas
6578 Bug Resolved cannot hide director LocalClock
5722 Bug Resolved Check for problems with sanitized RecordToken labels
5894 Bug Closed Clone problems in NamedObjId
6467 Bug Closed data tab no longer works
6233 Bug Resolved DirectoryListing NPE
6371 Bug Resolved Documentation: missing content in section 1.1.1 Features
5893 Bug Closed During installation, Kepler takes a long time to start up under Windows
6676 Bug Resolved External Execution actors generates exception for empty directory
6577 Bug Resolved infinite loop resolving port width
5498 Bug Resolved Issue a patch for ptolemy classpath problem in kepler-2.2
5720 Feature Resolved Kepler component documentation layout needs improvement
6834 Bug Resolved kepler data can icon displayed incorrectly
5665 Bug Resolved modulemanager et al.: swing-worker-1.2.jar should be removed
4516 Bug Resolved Module Manager needs ability to install modules needed by KARs
5716 Bug Resolved Module Manager should only print Downloading messages when actually downloading
5668 Bug Resolved module manager should support batch mode execution.
5174 Bug Resolved Reduce the number of modules in Kepler CORE.
5669 Bug Resolved replace ProjectLocator.findKeplerModulesDir() with something more robust.
6831 Bug Closed saving/loading window properties for multiple graphs/models in BasicGraphFrame
5424 Bug Resolved see if it's worthwhile to upgrade hsql from 1.8
6833 Feature Resolved syntax highlighting for language actors
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