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6614 Bug New parameter editor background color different on Linux
6594 Feature New cannot download from a tag
6588 Bug New R actor does not have error for missing output
6587 Feature New summarize missing actors
6575 Feature New reference parameters in R actor's script
5760 Bug In Progress saving xml to existing file asks twice on mac
5715 Bug New Actor Reference documentation
5699 Bug New Change the workflow scheduler server documentation link in the workflow-scheduler-gui module
5691 Bug New parameter choices are not saved
5689 Bug New remove configs/.../configuration.xml override
5687 Bug New investigate alternatives to workflow versioning
5682 Bug New ontology classes require unique label
5666 Feature New Build system needs a target to build all common or blessed non-core modules
5664 Bug New Check for duplicate code
5659 Bug Closed Kepler CaseGraphFrame and CaseGraphTableau have duplicated Ptolemy code.
5652 Bug New Geon Scp and spa Ssh2Exec have duplicate code.
5646 Bug New Switching some of the add-on modules to core
5645 Bug New kar uploading should need user account.
5627 Bug New List all possible port types in actor Types drop down list
5626 Feature New interacting with to know the status and other information in batch-mode.
5590 Bug New RExpression forces pdf if 'automatically show graphics' is checked
5586 Bug New Get newest version of local files in EML actor
5581 Bug New Make UI improvements to Components Download
5577 Bug New EML 2 Dataset actor EML File and Data File parameters should accept URLs
5510 Bug New On Ubuntu, Kepler can disappear from the dock while still running
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