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3443 Bug Resolved Rexpression actor, relation vs multiport and port type resolution
3254 Bug Resolved Annotations for some Ptolemy demos are not wrapped
3240 Bug Resolved Fix permissions on kepler CVS files.
3203 Bug Resolved Add dateType
3159 Bug Resolved RBNBToKepler datasource actors should be merged into one.
3157 Bug Resolved RBNBToKepler actors should support all three sink modes
3156 Bug Resolved RBNBToKepler actors should only download data for connected ports.
3155 Bug Resolved RBNBToKepler actors should allow different output formats
3140 Bug Resolved RBNBToKepler2 actor output port generation problem
3110 Bug Resolved Can't access actors via http
3022 Bug Resolved FSM State cannot be opened from context menu
2803 Bug Resolved Right click documentation menu item from left pane
2374 Bug Resolved SVG - Improve inital rendering times
2319 Bug Resolved Ptolemy build problems
2252 Bug Resolved Need to add actors for aligning mulitiple DNA or protein sequences
2146 Bug Resolved Design and implement authentication system for kepler
2145 Bug Resolved need ontology storage system
2142 Bug Resolved new schema for data sources
2134 Bug Resolved More advanced integration with R
2114 Bug Resolved display search results in both heirarchy and flat list
2107 Bug Resolved add advance search capability for data
2031 Bug Resolved browse/filter for data and data nodes on the ecogrid and local
2023 Bug Resolved remove redundant labeling in tree
1899 Bug Resolved Implementation of grid-enabling kepler
1892 Bug Resolved Design an interface to optionally log inputs, parameters and intermediate results
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