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5552 Bug Resolved Workflow Scheduler GUI needs a licenses.txt file
5486 Bug Resolved Need a mechanism to tell the user the information about setup the scheduler and workflow run engine
5456 Bug Resolved Documentation for Reporting 2.3.0
5434 Bug Resolved run-kar result from headless execution doesn't contain report artifacts
5433 Bug Resolved use 1024m instead of 512m for reporting suite
5422 Bug Resolved Tools=>Tag Manager... menu option is missing
5410 Bug Resolved provenance data is not flushed to HSQL database before Kepler quit.
5409 Bug Resolved reporting 2.1 can not start when setting "JDBC URL" in provenance.
5407 Bug Resolved wrm/tagging have errors when starting with provenance turned off
5405 Bug Resolved remove tagging's BasicGraphController override
5337 Bug Resolved NPE from WorkflowManager when configuring actor within composite
5320 Bug Resolved Get "could not find entity 1876 in parameter table" when run the dataturbineToMetacat workflow
5302 Bug Resolved module_dependencies column defined too short
5301 Bug Resolved clicking on Image item Scale Property Value sometimes gives ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException
5297 Bug Resolved Workflow Run Manager - no indication of progress during preview runs download
5296 Bug Resolved Workflow Run Manager - multiple window, remote store gui refresh issue
5295 Bug Resolved Report designer panel gui simplification and spacing
5293 Bug Resolved Deleting a report item scrolls you to top of design
5088 Bug Resolved Report designer gui difficult to use with greater than about 3-4 items
5083 Bug Resolved possible to save a kar that loses the report layout
4548 Bug Resolved string tokens with newlines print the escape sequences
4544 Bug Resolved Enter key in Report Designer title invokes a search

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