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6434 Feature New add workflow execution time and other metadata to report designer
5641 Bug New once timezones are added to provenance, Workflow Run Manager must utilize them
5640 Bug New associate timezones with all timestamps recorded in provenance tables
5594 Bug New use input and output port icons in Items of Interest
5591 Bug New Workflow Run Manager error downloading run for which module dependencies not satisfied
5429 Bug New improve default provenance store performance
5425 Bug New error when running -nocache and no .kepler
5413 Bug New large run deletion via the WRM with hsql provenance store takes a very long time and no gui feedback
5330 Bug New Workflow Run Manager - include provenance trace file in run-kar
5284 Bug New Set uploadToServer to be true at configuration.xml
5175 Bug New Fix remaining issues with exporting multiple runs into one KAR
5158 Bug Resolved remaining provenance issues for 2.1 release
5095 Bug In Progress test kepler and wrp for memory leaks
5091 Bug Resolved Dragging and dropping report layout items NPEs
5090 Bug New Report Layout interface is confusing wrt locking and switching to old layouts
5087 Bug Resolved Image report items aren't shown when original image path doesn't resolve
5086 Bug New Report instance does not show in viewer after kar open
5061 Bug Resolved Report Design Panel needs fixing wrt event listening
5017 Bug Resolved ReportLayout LSID and referral list should be maintained
5009 Bug Resolved Opening two KARS that have the same Workflow, but that have different report layouts, will make the first layout refresh itself with the layout from the KAR that was opened most recently.
4988 Bug Resolved Instantiating a wf as a composite that has a tag doesn't work as expected
4981 Bug In Progress RIO pdfs don't show up in the Component Library
4933 Bug New Improve solution to avoid ConcurrentModificationException when tagging more than 1 run
4897 Bug New Arrow key navigation of Workflow Run Manager can stop working
4746 Bug In Progress ability to create a Site Layout report
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