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5610 Bug Resolved check that build system can handle a "0.9.0" release
5606 Bug Resolved move plotting classes to sensor-view
5605 Bug Resolved Kepler scheduler doen't work for local workflows in windows os
5602 Bug Resolved Timezone confusion using the scheduler
5580 Bug Resolved create sensor-view module documentation
5417 Bug Resolved changes to a sensor's serial-number param do not get written to config file
5408 Bug Resolved dataturbine actor should reuse connection
5404 Bug Resolved change-sampling.kar demo no longer works
5403 Bug Resolved Improve the performance of the workflow archiving data from dataturbine to metacat
5390 Bug Resolved EML created by DataTurbineToMetacat workflow should have the spatial coverage
5379 Bug Resolved SPAN - add writing metadata changes to pending files
5378 Bug Resolved add rety logic to SpanTodt, attempt to recover if RBNB goes down
5375 Bug Resolved data not sent out after accumulating a large number of files in pending/
5360 Bug Resolved changes to a sensor parameter might not take effect until next current sample
5359 Bug Resolved SpanToDT NoClassDefFoundError
5356 Bug Resolved ArchivingDataturbine workflow couldn't update the second sensor's lastArchiving time in command line mode
5335 Bug Resolved SpanToDT should write metadata first rather than data when it starts up
5332 Bug Resolved cr1k_d doesn't reliably connect to logger
5324 Bug Resolved dcd_mgr buffer too small -- xxx Lost data.. messages
5323 Bug Resolved saving Site Layout workflow makes Sensor actor parameters editable
5322 Bug Resolved dcd_mgr crashes often
5321 Bug Resolved sensor settings made by kepler user lost on SPAN restart
5319 Bug Resolved The workflow which archive sensor data into metacat can upload incorrect data set when new data is coming
5315 Bug Resolved Sensor Site view Components only filtered when All Ontologies and Folders selected
5303 Bug Resolved The workflow which archive sensor data into metacat can upload data even no new data was generated
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