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5686 Bug New datasets produced by archiveDataturbineDataToMetacat workflow show samples 'sliding' in time
5685 Bug New data isn't always chunked properly
5684 Bug Resolved Add warning to archiving workflow that it must be run on one machine to not produce overlapping datasets
5683 Bug Resolved archiveDataturbineDataToMetacat.kar can fail with an IOException on win7 and XP
5681 Bug Resolved Tracking bug for sensor-view-0.9.0 release testing
5679 Bug In Progress the workflows in sensor-view should be resaved beneath sensor-view-0.9.0 so users aren't prompted to force open them
5678 Bug New growingDegreeDays workflow at kepler repository has type resolve error
5675 Bug New new ProgressMeter demo workflows give errors when opening in sensor-view-0.9.0
5632 Bug New Runtimemonitor token count idicator placement needs improvement
5631 Bug New PortParameters cannot be drag-instantiated from Outline/Items of Interest trees
5630 Bug New See about removing one set of ColorTableCellEditor and ColorTableCellRender classes
5600 Bug New Import Site Layout performance is poor for many connections at once
5583 Bug New Sensor Simulator controllable through Kepler
5582 Bug New DataTurbine server crashing the JRE
5400 Bug New User can specify the interval of data chunk in the workflow archiving dataturbine data to metacat
5377 Bug New DataTurbine actor fetch time outs (blockTimeout param not used?)
5364 Bug New DataTurbine server memory error
5363 Bug New spanTodt performance
5362 Bug New Create a GUI so user can easily archive a senosr's data from a dataturbine to a metacat
5347 Bug New DataTurbine actor should support Start Time with sub-second accuracy
5341 Bug New Belkin f5u409 usb=>serial dongle periodically stops working
5313 Bug New fix Import Sensor Site and Export Site to KML menu item issues
5252 Bug In Progress Plotting bugs
5210 Bug New Focus stolen from user trying to drag components around during execution
5202 Bug In Progress update existing site layout with span changes
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