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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1335 Bug Resolved Normal finish actor prototype tool Chad Berkley 11/02/2005 01:02 PM
1339 Bug Resolved Normal add ecogrid interface to kepler Jing Tao 01/20/2005 09:57 AM
1340 Bug Resolved Immediate define and implement kepler archive file format (kar) Chad Berkley 03/22/2006 03:33 PM
1592 Bug Resolved Immediate describe Sparrow toolkit interface Chad Berkley 10/12/2004 11:08 AM
1750 Bug Resolved Immediate Allow KAR files to include jar/class files Aaron Aaron 01/27/2010 05:04 PM
1851 Bug Resolved Immediate save atomic and composite actors in the new actor library Chad Berkley 12/14/2005 02:04 PM
1883 Bug Resolved Immediate Add LSID to Cache Manager Chad Berkley 12/14/2005 02:07 PM
1889 Bug Resolved Normal EML2 data source actor need handle mutiple data entity Jing Tao 03/01/2005 10:41 AM
1891 Bug Resolved Immediate writedesign for staged implementation of grid-enabled kepler Matt Jones 07/23/2007 10:30 AM
1895 Bug Resolved Immediate remote actor repository Chad Berkley 04/26/2006 01:44 PM
1896 Bug Resolved Normal Get metadata of data package in data search result panel( tree structure) Jing Tao 03/01/2005 10:44 AM
1899 Bug Resolved Normal Implementation of grid-enabling kepler Lucas Gilbert 07/23/2007 10:29 AM
1909 Bug Resolved Immediate generalize cache manager to provide support for very large data files Kevin Ruland 02/03/2006 12:26 PM
1924 Bug Resolved Normal Refactor actor and data display and search code Chad Berkley 02/14/2006 02:35 PM
2027 Bug In Progress Normal provide ability to assign checkpoints in the workflow Ilkay Altintas 02/10/2012 12:21 AM
2123 Bug New Low need a way to uniquely identify actor in a workflow and locate it ben leinfelder 06/15/2012 07:40 AM
2146 Bug Resolved Normal Design and implement authentication system for kepler Matt Jones 05/18/2007 12:00 PM
2233 Bug Resolved Normal Name duplication exception with KAR files Chad Berkley 11/16/2005 09:56 AM
2234 Bug Resolved Immediate creating KAR file loses port semantic annotations Chad Berkley 01/24/2006 10:36 AM
2240 Bug Resolved Immediate add support for null values to data passing among ports Christopher Brooks 04/13/2006 12:03 PM
2248 Bug Resolved Normal Need to merge corresponding mutable and immutable subclasses of DomainObject Timothy McPhillips 02/08/2006 11:41 PM
2275 Bug Resolved Immediate Replace the DataCacheManager Kevin Ruland 01/30/2006 10:45 AM
2277 Bug Resolved Normal Simplify Kar loading Kevin Ruland 02/13/2006 02:19 PM
2278 Bug Resolved Normal Fix cache file name clash Kevin Ruland 11/16/2005 12:08 PM
2281 Bug Resolved Normal Duplicated and incorrect search results in actor searching Chad Berkley 03/22/2006 03:36 PM
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