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  2.0.0 1 Collapse all/Expand all
5120 Bug Provide a toggle for automatic updates New Normal David Welker 2.0.0
  2.4.0 1 Collapse all/Expand all
6167 Bug Model Context Menu should have the enableBackwardTypeInference choice New Low 2.4.0
  2.6.0 1 Collapse all/Expand all
6893 Bug DateToken value inconsistent New Low Christopher Brooks 2.6.0
  2.X.Y 142 Collapse all/Expand all
5333 Bug 2.2 rc3: getenv("") doesn't work for mac installation. New Normal Daniel Crawl 2.X.Y
4908 Bug actor/director/attribute .xml file documentation needs to be updated New Normal Daniel Crawl 2.X.Y
5715 Bug Actor Reference documentation New Normal jianwu jianwu 2.X.Y
5045 Bug Add a menu to add and configure new remote kepler servers In Progress Normal Derik Barseghian 2.X.Y
4260 Bug Add a test suite for the build system New Immediate Chad Berkley 2.X.Y
5129 Bug adding and removing configuration properties could be made easier In Progress Normal Derik Barseghian 2.X.Y
3973 Bug Additional information for 64-bit users installing 1.0.0 New Normal Chad Berkley 2.X.Y
5343 Feature Add optional Console view New Normal Daniel Crawl 2.X.Y
4639 Bug add support for -Drev to ant change-to New Low Chad Berkley 2.X.Y
4323 Bug Add the "send to back" menu to kepler In Progress Low Daniel Crawl 2.X.Y
4296 Bug All open Kepler windows should be visible from a Window menu item. New Normal Chad Berkley 2.X.Y
4735 Bug Allow params to be passed to ConfigurationManager from the command line New Immediate Chad Berkley 2.X.Y
4300 Bug Animate at Runtime" checkbox stays checked when director is replaced New Normal Timothy McPhillips 2.X.Y
4281 Bug ant update produces message about running svn cleanup In Progress Normal Christopher Brooks 2.X.Y
5081 Bug A system for adding and removing GUI menus. New Normal Chad Berkley 2.X.Y
5666 Feature Build system needs a target to build all common or blessed non-core modules New Normal Derik Barseghian 2.X.Y
4339 Bug build system needs to provide more information on modules New Normal Chad Berkley 2.X.Y
4584 Bug CacheManager.getObject(KeplerLSID lsid) returns an object with the wrong LSID New Normal Aaron Aaron 2.X.Y
6594 Feature cannot download from a tag New Normal Daniel Crawl 2.X.Y
5281 Bug cannot open 1.0 KARs New Normal Ilkay Altintas 2.X.Y
5048 Bug Can't clean (or do other build system operations) offline In Progress Normal David Welker 2.X.Y
4869 Bug changes made to workflows during dialogs before committing (Edit Parameters/Cancel) In Progress Normal ben leinfelder 2.X.Y
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