From 06/15/2001 to 07/14/2001


05:27 PM Bug #181: possible security risks in data file upload
This should not be a problem if socket has a reasonable timeout value set -
Dan Higgins
Dan Higgins


03:44 PM Bug #187: test metacat on Windows NT/2000
Tested on Windows NT/2000 with SQL Server 2000. It works really well.
SQL Server shows better performance than O...
Jivka Bojilova
03:38 PM Bug #183: Port metacat to PostgresSQL and other databases
DONE Jivka Bojilova
03:35 PM Bug #235: ssl support for metacat (https)
DONE Jivka Bojilova
03:35 PM Bug #138: use LDAP as optional directory for authentication
DONE Jivka Bojilova
01:08 PM Bug #247: metacat inserts ids into some files
FIXED Jivka Bojilova
12:17 PM Revision 792 (metacat): don't need to override the old meta_file_id tags with docid without rev
since Morpho inserts docids before sending the docs to Metacat bojilova


10:29 AM Bug #40: Search Refinement Capability
Can now revise a search in the Query dialog and resubmit it. Matt Jones


04:40 PM Bug #248 (Resolved): id finder needed for metacat
Metacat needs a utility function so that morpho can query it and find the last
id used by a specific user. right n...
Chad Berkley
03:55 PM Bug #247 (Resolved): metacat inserts ids into some files
Metacat sometimes inserts ids into files with the old "meta_file_id" tags. it
inserts them incorrectly because it d...
Chad Berkley


01:29 PM Revision 791 (metacat): added the new software module
11:58 AM Revision 790 (metacat): added constructor in DocumentImpl for use in DBQuery.findDocuments();
this new constructor is used with getDocumentInfo() to get the doc info only;
because the other constructor builds th...
11:43 AM Revision 789 (metacat): updated script with new eml20 dtds


09:38 AM Revision 788 (metacat): fixed bug - hardcoded LDAP URL


04:34 PM Bug #242: delete does not work properly when a file has relations
FIXED Jivka Bojilova
03:06 PM Revision 787 (metacat): made use of the new property for ldaps url;
it is used for secure connection to LDAP server listening on second port 636 by default with SSL sockets;
it is used ...
02:57 PM Revision 786 (metacat): new property for ldaps:// url for LDAP connection over SSL;
it is set on second port - by default 636;
for plain LDAP communications the default port 389 is used.
11:24 AM Revision 785 (metacat): moved delete from xml_relation before delete from xml_documents
because of the parent-child relation b/w these 2 tables bojilova


06:20 PM Bug #138: use LDAP as optional directory for authentication
Installed OpenLDAPv2.0.11 (support for LDAPv3) with TLS/SSL support on dev.
Here is the steps to do:
1. Install Open...
Jivka Bojilova


03:08 PM Bug #243 (Resolved): metacat returns error that is not an xml document
The error "Connection reset by peer" is sometimes returned to the client when a
document is returned. This error is...
Chad Berkley


11:22 AM Revision 783 (metacat): cleared the text under the figure; should go in the Word text
11:04 AM Bug #242 (Resolved): delete does not work properly when a file has relations
Metacat will not delete a file if it has relations in the xml_relations tables
because of a constraint error between...
Chad Berkley
09:17 AM Revision 782 (metacat): EPS files saved as AdobeIllustrator v7.0


04:19 PM Revision 781 (metacat): EPS file for the IC paper
11:29 AM Bug #240 (Resolved): data file upload does not allow the client to specify an id
The current file upload utility in metacat needs to be altered so that a client
can specify the id of the file being...
Chad Berkley


04:56 PM Bug #235: ssl support for metacat (https)
2. Download JSSE and install JSSE jars by coping jart.jar, jnet.jar, jsse.jar to
$JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext and to $TOMC...
Jivka Bojilova
04:26 PM Bug #235: ssl support for metacat (https)
These are the things that should be done on the server for Metacat to
communicate through HTTPS:
1. in $TOMCAT_HOME/...
Jivka Bojilova
12:10 PM Bug #238 (Resolved): query performance
Metacat has horrible query performance, and we need to fix it. It can take as
much as 8 or 9 seconds to search a fe...
Matt Jones

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