From 09/18/2004 to 10/17/2004


01:13 PM Revision 2327 (metacat): Thanks Jing, Fixed those code comments.
12:02 PM Revision 2326 (metacat): Adde a function to the metacat client to set access on an xml document in a
metacat repository. harris


01:50 PM Revision 2324 (metacat): One last clarification to the install instructions regarding the sql scripts.
Matt Jones
01:35 PM Revision 2323 (metacat): Modified build dist and distsrc targets to be sure the ant tokens are
filtered correctly in the documentation, otherwise the CSS styles do not
show up properly.
Matt Jones
01:02 PM Revision 2322 (metacat): Modified the build to be smarter about making sure that the EML schemas
and styles are in place (so manually running 'geteml' should no longer
be needed), and renamed the 'loaddtdschemas' t...
Matt Jones


11:39 PM Revision 2321 (metacat): Fixed some typos in the README, and rearranged a little.
Matt Jones
11:26 PM Revision 2320 (metacat): Moved deletion of stylsheets from clean to fullclean target so that the
styles will be guaranteed to be in place in the released version even after
a clean build.
Matt Jones
11:13 PM Revision 2319 (metacat): Added classpath to javadoc call so that we avoid javadoc errors that
complain about not being able to find the servlet classes. Matt Jones
11:06 PM Revision 2318 (metacat): Added dependency check for eml so that the schemas and dtds are not
checked out of CVS if they already exist in the lib directory. This is
based on checking for the key schema or dtd f...
Matt Jones
10:49 PM Revision 2317 (metacat): Added dependency check to see if the httpclient.jar and utilities.jar are
already present in lib. If they are, building utilities is skipped. This
allows us to ship a distribution with just...
Matt Jones
03:38 PM Revision 2316 (metacat): Added sample eml 2.0.1 document for use in the tests.
Matt Jones
03:36 PM Revision 2315 (metacat): Modified buildIndex() to now include an '@' sign in the path for ATTRIBUTE
nodes. Removed a bunch of debugging information. Fixed the BuildIndexTest
so that it would work on any machine (rem...
Matt Jones
01:17 PM Revision 2314 (metacat): Added code that changes the node column size
03:38 AM Revision 2313 (metacat): New README in preparation for the 1.4.0 release, and updated the properties
file with the new version number. Matt Jones
03:13 AM Revision 2312 (metacat): Added in servlet action 'buildindex' for building the XML_index table entries
for either a set of documents (if one or more docid params are provided) or
for the whole set of documents in the xml...
Matt Jones
03:01 AM Revision 2311 (metacat): Created a list of all of the servlet actions in the documentation and listed
all reuired and optional parameters for each action. These need to be
documented but at least the list is all in one...
Matt Jones
02:01 AM Revision 2310 (metacat): Added new sections to the Metacat documentation describing the Metacat
client API and the Metacat 'getlog' servlet action for event reporting. Matt Jones
12:31 AM Revision 2309 (metacat): Updated metacat documentation with additional properties and fixed the
description of several properties. We really need to clean out unused
properties and generally clean up the configur...
Matt Jones


10:46 PM Revision 2308 (metacat): Added a property listing servlet administrators.
Matt Jones
04:25 PM Revision 2307 (metacat): Changed to now use the new DocumentImpl.buildIndex() method
for populating the xml_index table. The new method uses a jdbc ResultSet
for populating the index rather than doing ...
Matt Jones
03:10 PM Revision 2306 (metacat): Updated the build index test.
Matt Jones
02:30 PM Revision 2305 (metacat): Compose the Metacat URL from the httpserver and the servletpath properties, replacing hard-coded references to servlet.
Duane Costa
02:28 PM Revision 2304 (metacat): Send redirect to HarvesterRegistration, instead of using the full class name which works on Tomcat-only installations but not with Apache.
Duane Costa
09:49 AM Revision 2303 (metacat): Change the date format to one that is standard on both Oracle and Postgres.
Duane Costa

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