From 01/11/2006 to 02/09/2006


01:38 PM Revision 2908 (metacat): Adding a page that'll be returned when a user issues a metacat query.


12:21 PM Revision 2907 (metacat): fixed the index jsp to do the redirection to the given skin's html (the all
seem to have html pages, yet not all have jsp's). Started implementing the
display of eml docs with bounding coordin...


11:13 AM Revision 2905 (metacat): Updated the lsid support docs and added john,will, and callie to
contributors section of the Readme. harris


04:42 PM Revision 2904 (metacat): Got rid of some debugging.
04:41 PM Revision 2903 (metacat): Documentation on the LSID authority features.


12:26 PM Revision 2902 (metacat): bugfixes to teh previous commit... cleaner exit for the indexing thread
09:58 AM Revision 2901 (metacat): Added a flag for indexing threads so that they exit once Metacat has unloaded.
09:12 AM Bug #2311: modify stylesheets to display citation format
LSID support now implemented in metacat. Will Tyburczy
08:40 AM Revision 2900 (metacat): Modified build file to copy skin.configs dir to WEB_INF as it has the skin property files
08:38 AM Revision 2899 (metacat): Added file specifying the properties for the esa skin
08:36 AM Revision 2898 (metacat): Added param which specifies config files of which skins to read
08:34 AM Revision 2897 (metacat): Added checks for null pointers and changed the name of the config file
08:21 AM Revision 2896 (metacat): Using java.util.Property instead of Options. Options is a singleton class. Hence it cant be used for reading skin property files without changing it into a non-singleton class


02:39 PM Revision 2895 (metacat): fixed the height of the search box on the knb skin
02:37 PM Revision 2894 (metacat): variable for showing instructions
02:35 PM Revision 2893 (metacat): Making changes for passing the params to the xsl for skins.
12:06 PM Revision 2892 (metacat): Remove CR characters from end of line. Formatting changes only, no functional changes.
Duane Costa
11:55 AM Bug #2311: modify stylesheets to display citation format
Changed the xsl sheets to optionally display lsid's. Additional parameters needed by the stylesheets are
Will Tyburczy
11:43 AM Bug #2175: Metacat Performace: Upgrading hardware setup

The new setup should have TLS between metacat and ldap. If there is a problem
in that, then bug#468 should be reope...
Saurabh Garg
11:24 AM Bug #2175: Metacat Performace: Upgrading hardware setup

Retargeting this for release 1.7 as this is not related 1.6 release and colby
is in the middle of doing all the cha...
Saurabh Garg
11:40 AM Bug #468: TLS between ldap server and metacat

Closing the bug. I was able to run TLS (see my last comment)
Making a note in bug# 2175 for this bug as the new set...
Saurabh Garg
11:34 AM Bug #2157: Metacat Performance: Optimize Postgres and Tomcat...

John made these changes on the new knb.msi machine.
But I am retargeting this to 1.7 instead of closing the bug, s...
Saurabh Garg
11:28 AM Bug #2317: modify ldapweb.cgi to restrict account creation

Fixed in CVS. Have to update ldap on ecoinfo. Closing the bug.
Saurabh Garg
11:16 AM Bug #2312: finalize header graphic for ESA registry
This task is finished. Callie Bowdish
11:13 AM Bug #2176: Moderator UI and functionality for ESA

Moderator UI and functionality for ESA has been implemented. Waiting for
feedback from ESA and next round of change...
Saurabh Garg


11:50 AM Revision 2891 (metacat): Modified the lsid code to lookup document type-appropriate stylesheets from
the lsid prooperties file. harris


03:22 PM Revision 2890 (metacat): PMARK: decreased overall width
PMARK: fixed docid bug; needed to use review doc instead of orig doc
PMARK: minor formatting fix

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