From 09/02/2009 to 10/01/2009


03:20 PM Revision 5069 (metacat): use arguments for the main() method - hardcoded URLs and test docids are poor form
ben leinfelder
03:04 PM Revision 5068 (metacat): choices for metadata tags to include:
1-10, increments of 1; 11-50 increments of 10 ben leinfelder
01:28 PM Revision 5067 (metacat): add "responsefile" column as data in the transpose ben leinfelder
12:12 PM Revision 5066 (metacat): return InputStream instead of Reader in the MetacatClient read() and readInlineData() methods. Can now handle binary data ben leinfelder


10:09 AM Revision 5065 (metacat): include input selection for the number of metadata fields to download ben leinfelder
08:56 AM Revision 5064 (metacat): include more than just the first metadata field for questions ben leinfelder


09:36 AM Revision 5063 (metacat): include download link instead of an ecogrid pointer ben leinfelder


04:30 PM Revision 5062 (metacat): include ecogrid link to the external file in downloaded data
ben leinfelder


12:41 PM Revision 5061 (metacat): do not search across items when simply "browsing all"
ben leinfelder
12:38 PM Revision 5060 (metacat): comment out a debugging alert() call
ben leinfelder


10:09 PM Revision 5059 (metacat): use keyword field for both assessments and assessment items
remove unused query options that were in place for the mock up UI
ben leinfelder


04:53 PM Revision 5058 (metacat): search across _items_ as well as assessments
note: you can switch this feature off using the checkbox prov...
ben leinfelder


03:12 PM Revision 5057 (metacat): Add session validation to metacat tpc and workflow scheduler. Fix sanparks skin session management so it always uses the logged in session id.
03:08 PM Revision 5056 (metacat): Make some error messages more understandable


04:23 PM Revision 5055 (metacat): change to DM that preserve the order of the attributes being selected
ben leinfelder
02:23 PM Revision 5054 (metacat): include latest datamanager changes - notably the performance enhancement regarding attributes and table creation
ben leinfelder
01:47 PM Revision 5053 (metacat): add performance debugging statements for dataquery action
ben leinfelder

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