From 12/01/2012 to 12/30/2012


03:54 PM Revision 7479 (metacat): Also add the 2.4.1 hazelcast jars to the trunk.
Chris Jones


05:33 PM Revision 7477 (metacat): remove indexing task from the queue when we are updating the document
ben leinfelder


02:38 PM Revision 7476 (metacat): move DocInfo parsing into utilities project so that it can be used by Morpho as well as Metacat. ben leinfelder
02:38 PM Revision 7475 (metacat): move DocInfo parsing into utilities project so that it can be used by Morpho as well as Metacat. ben leinfelder
02:32 PM Revision 7474 (metacat): use utilities tag to build (remember to 'fullclean' after this update!)
ben leinfelder


09:07 AM Revision 7471 (metacat): use default count = 1000 for CN.listObjects rather than -1 (because now -1 will cause an SQL error)
ben leinfelder


06:41 PM Revision 7469 (metacat): default replicaStatus to true for the CN.listObject call
ben leinfelder


10:39 AM Revision 7467 (metacat): make sure to call lock() on the SM when updating rightsholder (like every other method that gets a lock object from HZ).
ben leinfelder
10:35 AM Revision 7466 (metacat): return from test when we encounter the NotImplemented exception for
ben leinfelder
10:30 AM Revision 7465 (metacat): include identifier.guid in the test SQL clause.
ben leinfelder
10:25 AM Revision 7464 (metacat): id not implemented by metacat -- making that explicit and also testing for it.
ben leinfelder


11:04 AM Revision 7462 (metacat): default replicaStatus (aka "show replicas in results") to true rather than false
ben leinfelder
10:29 AM Revision 7461 (metacat): add debug statements for listObject slice debugging
ben leinfelder


07:23 PM Revision 7459 (metacat): Add the non-snapshot jars for the D1 libraries.
Chris Jones
02:32 PM Revision 7458 (metacat): use utilities and eml RC tags for building Metacat.
ben leinfelder
02:18 PM Revision 7457 (metacat): include dataone.contactSubject in backup properties so it will be "remembered" during upgrades.
ben leinfelder
02:13 PM Revision 7456 (metacat): update release date to December
ben leinfelder
01:57 PM Revision 7455 (metacat): additional db indexes for pathquery performance ben leinfelder


02:25 PM Revision 7454 (metacat): Do not set headers until response is ready to send (5756)
Brendan Hahn
02:06 PM Bug #5756 (Resolved): Export operation handles errors incorrectly
metacatHandler.handleExportAction doesn't reset the Content-Disposition header on error; result is e.g. a browser dow... Brendan Hahn
12:43 PM Revision 7453 (metacat): use jar generated from the git repo source (just in case it was different from svn).
ben leinfelder
12:30 PM Revision 7452 (metacat): use dual query for query slicing - one for count, another for the actual records when requested. ben leinfelder
11:32 AM Revision 7451 (metacat): get total (or subtotal when non-slicing params are present) count as a separate query from the field selection query.
ben leinfelder
10:16 AM Revision 7450 (metacat): include Skye's suggestions about correctly limiting by D1 Event types
ben leinfelder
07:55 AM Bug #5755: Include EZID api library in Metacat for registering DOIs.
This is in Metacat now, pulling from the configured shoulder and username/password we had added for the initial KNB D... ben leinfelder


11:53 AM Revision 7449 (metacat): use test doi shoulder as the default for local server, at least during testing phase.
ben leinfelder
08:58 AM Revision 7448 (metacat): first pass at DOI minting using the EZID service in mn.generateIdentifier() ben leinfelder

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