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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7160 Bug Closed Normal replicationPolicy missing numberReplicas and replicationAllowed attributes Matt Jones 11/22/2016 03:15 PM
6662 Bug Closed Normal Metacat fails large-file upload Matt Jones 02/10/2015 12:52 AM
6136 Bug Closed Immediate files left open causes too many file descriptors on OS Matt Jones 10/15/2013 10:34 AM
5938 Bug Closed Normal sitemap format is deprecated Matt Jones 05/21/2013 07:35 PM
5929 Bug Closed Urgent replication update action times out Matt Jones 05/06/2013 11:44 AM
5811 Story Closed Normal Redesign KNB look and feel Matt Jones 07/09/2013 02:48 PM
5531 Bug Resolved Normal Remove/make optional the DataONE MN registration that occurs during Metacat configuration Matt Jones 11/11/2011 09:00 AM
1984 Bug Resolved Normal add support for LSID identifiers Matt Jones 01/24/2013 11:56 AM
1658 Bug Resolved Immediate tracking bug for 1.4.0 release Matt Jones 09/22/2004 04:25 PM
1452 Bug In Progress Normal dtd filenames clash if reused for multiple PUBLIC identifiers Matt Jones 03/13/2008 04:45 PM
1451 Bug Resolved Immediate null returndoctype fails to return all documents Matt Jones 04/05/2004 04:26 PM
1427 Bug Resolved Immediate xml_index constrains depth of paths that can be inserted Matt Jones 03/31/2004 12:39 PM
1235 Bug Resolved Immediate enable passthrough parameters to support stysheet params Matt Jones 03/31/2004 11:56 AM
1230 Bug Resolved Normal move out of jar file Matt Jones 12/05/2003 01:23 PM
1137 Bug Resolved Immediate add a metacat-info action Matt Jones 03/31/2004 11:49 AM
433 Bug Closed Normal browse interface to metacat Matt Jones 10/30/2013 10:39 AM
407 Bug Resolved Normal ldapweb.cgi confusing wrt 'other' organizations Matt Jones 04/11/2002 10:01 AM
398 Bug Resolved Normal error in handling '&' in response to queries Matt Jones 04/11/2002 10:01 AM
364 Bug Resolved Immediate create OBFS interface for metacat Matt Jones 04/11/2002 10:01 AM
329 Bug Resolved Normal groups ACLs do not work against LDAP Matt Jones 04/11/2002 10:01 AM
328 Bug Resolved Immediate ldap referrals crash system when one referree is down Matt Jones 04/11/2002 10:01 AM
303 Bug Resolved Normal replace oracle xslt with xalan xslt Matt Jones 04/11/2002 10:01 AM
280 Bug Resolved Immediate provide support for multiple UI styles in metacat Matt Jones 04/11/2002 10:01 AM
272 Bug Resolved Immediate install production root LDAP server Matt Jones 04/11/2002 10:01 AM
270 Bug Resolved Immediate change LDAP interface to get complete DN from client Matt Jones 04/11/2002 10:01 AM
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