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6128 Story Closed Wait for MetacatUI 1.1.0 release Actions
6117 Bug Resolved Reindexing (action=reindex) only works once Actions
6115 Task Resolved ldapweb.cgi - default configuration should use o=unaffiliated Actions
6113 Task Resolved Getting "Bad header" error when similar accounts are present Actions
6101 Bug Closed MN.update() fails but modifies revision chain Actions
6100 Bug Closed Metacat search does not work for Chinese characters Actions
6098 Task Closed Make reCaptcha work with AJAX include Actions
6096 Task Closed Add reCaptcha library instructions to admin docs Actions
6095 Task Closed Pull metacatui from specific tag Actions
6094 Bug Closed Replace all screenshot images in the documentation with screenshots of the new documentation style Actions
6092 Feature Closed Science Metadata DOIs should point to "view" landing page Actions
6089 Feature Closed Remove index_event record when reindex is successful Actions
6088 Task Closed Update documentation to use new context name Actions
6087 Task Closed Change all default configurations to use new context Actions
6086 Bug Closed publish service call fails to authenticate properly Actions
6085 Bug Closed SQL error when inserting EML beta2 access document Actions
6082 Story Closed Rename knb.war to ???.war Actions
6081 Task Closed Build metacatui.war in Metacat bundle Actions
6080 Feature Closed Update Metacat admin screen using cues from the new default look and feel Actions
6077 Feature Rejected Include new instructions for modifying themes in the Metacat admin documentation Actions
6075 Feature Closed Modify Metacat admin documentation so that it uses the chosen theme in the browser Actions
6069 Task Closed Pull metacatui from public Git repo into Metacat Actions
6068 Task Closed Update Metacat skin admin screen Actions
6067 Task Closed Update documentation to reflect the new metacatui theme mechanism Actions
6066 Task Closed Add email verification for new accounts Actions
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