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6473 Bug Closed Problem in activating a new generated ldap account
6419 Feature Closed Add Dryad and DataONE schemas to Metacat catalog
6415 Feature Closed Make all objects publicly readable on MN.publish()
6407 Task Closed Add syncing test to metacat test suite
6405 Bug Resolved Unable to authenticate with UCNRS referral account
6403 Bug Closed Command-line user management does not handle hashed passwords
6402 Feature Closed Rebrand identity service
6401 Bug Closed Add the documentation about the file-based the authentication
6398 Bug Resolved Obsoleted metadata objects are being returned from Solr
6347 Task Closed Create mechanism for adding name/value pairs to the solr index
6346 Feature Resolved Make # READ events available in SOLR index
6321 Bug Resolved Metacat login mechanism needs to handle the ldap alias account
6320 Bug Closed Create a file-base authentication mechanism as the default method
6306 Bug Works For Me During the upgrading metacat to 2.3.0, a user can see a message saying the index schema was changed even though he didn't
6305 Feature Resolved Disable ecogrid links in rendered EML
6299 Task Resolved Incorporate synch script as Metacat utility or upgrade routine
6298 Task Resolved Call CN.setAccessPolicy() whenever access control rules are updated in Metacat 0.00
6297 Task Resolved Create MN->CN sync script
6296 Story Closed authMN SM.accessPolicy out of synch with CN and replicaMN
6290 Bug Resolved Include data objects in BagIt download with intelligent file names
6285 Feature Resolved Handle EML singleDateTime field in SOLR index
6276 Story Resolved Update to use new EZID API URL

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