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3394 Bug Resolved can't upload xml documents via multipart Actions
3362 Bug Resolved ESA path in data package acceptance email is incorrect Actions
3354 Bug Resolved The online form has problems with editing and maintaining the email address. Actions
3352 Bug Resolved User at referral ldap server couldn't login if another referral server is down Actions
3322 Bug Resolved View interactive map Link at the bottom of the nrs and obfs does not work right Actions
3304 Bug Resolved Replication: Timed replication failures occur twice instead of once Actions
3303 Bug Resolved In KNB server, metacat request two times replication if first replication failed. Actions
3297 Bug Resolved An error message happen during the metacat start up Actions
3263 Bug Resolved Private data cannot be downloaded from metadata display page (xsl) Actions
3259 Bug Resolved Add fields used in Morpho search to the default indexPaths property Actions
3249 Bug Resolved Install web registry for SANParks and SAEON skins Actions
3241 Bug Resolved Update older invalidated eml201 document in Metacat Actions
3239 Bug Resolved metacat using illegitimate versions of EML schemas Actions
3218 Bug Closed nceas skin front page has font size differences Actions
3178 Bug Resolved Query resultset doesn't show component name in kepler skin Actions
3176 Bug Resolved Verify existing token changes to skins Actions
3174 Bug Resolved Metacat performance issue in Sanparks skin Actions
3146 Bug Resolved Include FGDC metadata in KNB and NCEAS skin search results Actions
3139 Bug Resolved Add upload method into Metacat tour Actions
3137 Bug Resolved The query example in metacatquery.html document need to be changed Actions
3113 Bug Resolved Metacat performance: saves from mopho are slow Actions
3088 Bug Resolved Inline Data does not work correctly without the <pre> tag Actions
3058 Bug Resolved Generalize the reading of skin.configs in DBTransform Actions
3057 Bug Resolved The field "skinconfigs" in the MetacatUtil class is public Actions
3014 Bug Resolved Expose permission options for registry uploads Actions
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