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6003 Bug Closed The "war" target in the metacat will build the metacat-index.war
5597 Bug Resolved eml xsl templates incomplete
5572 Bug Resolved Couldn't upload a kar file from kepler to metacat
5569 Bug Resolved The sanparks skin doesn't show welcome message when user login again (after doing logout)
5568 Bug Resolved Get an exception during startup metacat
5567 Bug Resolved Click the schedule button on sankparks skin got an blank page
5566 Bug Resolved Click View Run link get 0 result if user doesn't login on the sanparks skin
5563 Bug Resolved Kepler can't get search result from metacat 2.0.0
5562 Bug Resolved Got an NPE when upgrade db from 1.9.5 to 2.0.0
5561 Bug Resolved Got a SQL error when click TPC workflows or TPC link on sanparks skin
5560 Bug Resolved Upgrade access control rules in Metacat DB
5551 Bug Resolved Set public access button on the FGDC document display page doesn't work (on sanparks skin).
5544 Bug Resolved the footer of the output page after clicking TPC status/workflow can't be read on Sanparks skin
5543 Bug Resolved Can't upload a FGDC metadata file with a data file in SANParks skin
5542 Bug Resolved Data Package Upload form in SANParks skin missing the description text
5537 Bug Resolved Move replication control panel to /admin servlet
5536 Bug Resolved Restore replicated data files that are 0 bytes
5534 Bug Resolved Replication log somehow doesn't work.
5533 Bug Resolved Sanpark skin main page has login issue
5532 Bug Resolved Use strict build tag strategy for 2.0.0 release
5531 Bug Resolved Remove/make optional the DataONE MN registration that occurs during Metacat configuration
5530 Bug Resolved Sanparks skin shows update and delete action when user public reads a FGDC package
5526 Bug Resolved final test issue
5525 Bug Resolved test issue again
5523 Bug Resolved setting authoritative MN and rightsHolder for KNB data on conversion
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