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6437 Story New Upgrade to SOLR 4 or 5
6416 Feature In Progress Do not allow restrictive access control change to content with a DOI
6362 Feature New Add an id to the year element in the citation in eml-indentifier.xsl
6034 Feature New Simplify configuration for certificate delegation
5994 Task New Create REST API for accessing statistics
5993 Task New Summarize and index statistics for fast access
5992 Task New Track citations
5991 Task New Track views
5990 Task New Track downloads
5989 Feature In Progress Track data download, view and citation statistics
5832 Bug Closed Old libraries
5830 Bug New Deployment directory incorrect
5821 Bug New Allow certificate-based Metacat administration
5709 Bug Resolved Cannot download XML for private datapackages shown in XSL display
5676 Bug Resolved Metacarta Labs WMS layer is not loading
5644 Bug Resolved "Too man open files" error when running 3 Metacat/Geoserver webapps together
5616 Bug Resolved See bug #5615 for EML
5547 Bug New Couldn't get the Register Data Form after login under Register Data tab on Sanparks skin
5522 Bug New download linked KNB data and convert links in EML to ORE packages
5518 Bug In Progress Track down the performance issue of metacat query.
5514 Bug Resolved implement DataONE service API
5443 Bug Resolved pathquery does not handle 'matches-exactly' or 'equals' searchmode values correctly
5395 Bug Rejected Get unexpected result if a search was done before metacat finishes its indexing during the inserting process.
5300 Bug Resolved SchemaLocationResolver fails to download included xsd files
5294 Bug New Enable Junit test on
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