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247 Bug Resolved metacat inserts ids into some files Actions
242 Bug Resolved delete does not work properly when a file has relations Actions
240 Bug Resolved data file upload does not allow the client to specify an id Actions
235 Bug Resolved ssl support for metacat (https) Actions
234 Bug Resolved metacat accession number handling Actions
233 Bug Resolved authentication always succeeds with empty password Actions
225 Bug Resolved finish SSDBM paper Actions
197 Bug Resolved revisionid should be generated on client, not metacat Actions
196 Bug Resolved Metacat READ function should set mime type Actions
194 Bug Resolved manage files by accession# on file system Actions
191 Bug Resolved Override protocol handling for http URLs Actions
190 Bug Resolved modify resultset to return all package information Actions
187 Bug Resolved test metacat on Windows NT/2000 Actions
183 Bug Resolved Port metacat to PostgresSQL and other databases Actions
181 Bug Resolved possible security risks in data file upload Actions
179 Bug Resolved protocol handlers are not working correctly Actions
173 Bug Resolved create eml outreach page Actions
172 Bug Resolved xml_catalog replication Actions
170 Bug Resolved merge get actions into one read action Actions
161 Bug Resolved need replication mechanism for metacat Actions
150 Bug Resolved metacat accepts invalid documents Actions
149 Bug Resolved Need revision number to uniquely specify docid Actions
138 Bug Resolved use LDAP as optional directory for authentication Actions
130 Bug Resolved remove the title hack from metacat Actions
110 Bug Resolved foreign keys to xml_catalog Actions
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