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1388 Bug Resolved date format in registry too restrictive
1370 Bug Resolved Sessionid wasn't stored in login function
1369 Bug Resolved Metacat is case sensitive to DN
1368 Bug Resolved If a document's revision is 0, it couldn't be replicated
1367 Bug Resolved Temporal and Spatial Coverage not required for NCEAS
1366 Bug Rejected Changes in review entry page
1365 Bug Resolved Doesnt complain if method title is not provided
1326 Bug Resolved Registry: Back button erases all the data
1325 Bug Resolved Check button should copy data from DSO to DSC
1321 Bug Resolved Registry: Selection from project list is entered under organization name
1309 Bug Resolved Registry: Changes in Spatial Coverage
1308 Bug Resolved Change text in Data set Contact
1306 Bug Resolved Registry form doesn't format correctly in Mozilla.
1305 Bug Resolved Display docid on the top of the edit form
1304 Bug Resolved Add view button in addition to Edit and Delete button in resultset.xsl
1303 Bug Resolved Entering of spatial coverage and temporal coverage as optional for NCEAS
1301 Bug Resolved Repeatable button for Originators and Keywords entry
1298 Bug Resolved Change in the way required fields are displayed
1214 Bug Resolved emlb6 to eml2 conversion style sheets should be usable by both metacat and morpho
1212 Bug Resolved inline data file couldn't be deleted if uploading xml document failed
1186 Bug Resolved query returning invalid UTF-8 sequence
1130 Bug Resolved System Id is changed by Metacat
1127 Bug Resolved marine web site enhancements
1048 Bug Resolved create delete from ldap table code
1047 Bug Resolved Create triggers on LTER tables for ldap insert
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