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6 Bug Resolved MCAT won't build under IRIX with Oracle 8.0.5
7 Bug Resolved MCAT doesn't pass tests when built under Oracle 7.3.2
13 Bug Resolved metacat doesn't allow updates or deletes
14 Bug Resolved metacat TEXT nodes limited to 4K characters
15 Bug Resolved metacat depends on Oracle parser, should be SAX
16 Bug Resolved validation engine uses OASIS XML Catalog
17 Bug Resolved DBWriter uses multiple transactions to load document
18 Bug Resolved metacat docid and rootnodeid not generated in a safe manner
20 Bug Resolved DBSAXNode constructor can be simplified
22 Bug Resolved content negotiation for doctypes needed
23 Bug Resolved creating shared pool of connections in metacat servlet
24 Bug Resolved MetaCatServlet should provide 2 more input parameters to DBWriter: accession# and action
25 Bug Resolved nodeid should be generated in safe manner
27 Bug Resolved DBReader doesn't recreate COMMENTS and PIs when reading a doc
28 Bug Resolved need doctype backtracing/linking feature as part of doctype filter
30 Bug Resolved get dataguide function needed by client
34 Bug Resolved text matches in query algorithm don't span TEXT nodes
35 Bug Resolved SRB RMI server doesn't authenticate after first connection
47 Bug Resolved doctype and docid attr are needed in xml_index table
49 Bug Resolved need anonymous user login as default for metacat
52 Bug Resolved Change link to project abstract
53 Bug Resolved Interface does not look good in 800x600
54 Bug Resolved title and altitle fields are too small
55 Bug Resolved change order of fields
56 Bug Resolved code shifts and removals
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