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6838 Support In Progress LTER user can't log in
6196 Feature Rejected ORE documents should be generated for new EML records from the Metacat API
6031 Feature Rejected Add rendered metadata to Bagit package contents
5837 Bug Rejected Strings
5836 Bug New Logs
5835 Bug New Leaks
5828 Bug New docids not validated
5772 Bug Resolved Initial install broken if default data/backup directory unavailable
5756 Bug Resolved Export operation handles errors incorrectly
5710 Bug Resolved Metacat replication fails for datafiles with "&" in the filename
5698 Bug New datapackage uploads to dev2 metacat are currently slow
5620 Bug Resolved access order="denyFirst" now means public deny (except pre-existing docs)
5619 Bug Resolved metacat homepage Login anchor link not connected to id
5608 Bug New Enable all FK constraints in Metacat production [copies]
5604 Bug Resolved Question how to add EPSG 900913 for Google layers and how list results within a bounding-box
5599 Bug New absence of line feeds in eml causes pathQuery to not find some elements
5553 Bug New setaccess action may have deleting access rule functionality
5548 Bug New Replace COS Mime multipart library
5535 Bug New The 611 CDR documents replicated to KNB need to be repaired by fixing their inline data.
5524 Bug Resolved test issue
5497 Bug Resolved metacat accepts eml docs that fail knb parser
5394 Bug Resolved FGDC interface does not correctly show controls and permission settings
5393 Bug Resolved SANParks FGDC skin issues
5392 Bug Resolved FGDC download button does not work
5316 Bug Resolved Interactive map doesn't work with firefox
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