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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1388 Bug Resolved Immediate date format in registry too restrictive Saurabh Garg 04/30/2004 10:46 AM
1370 Bug Resolved Normal Sessionid wasn't stored in login function Jing Tao 03/15/2004 02:33 PM
1369 Bug Resolved Normal Metacat is case sensitive to DN Jing Tao 03/15/2004 02:27 PM
1368 Bug Resolved Normal If a document's revision is 0, it couldn't be replicated Jing Tao 03/15/2004 02:23 PM
1367 Bug Resolved Normal Temporal and Spatial Coverage not required for NCEAS Saurabh Garg 04/30/2004 07:09 PM
1366 Bug Rejected Normal Changes in review entry page Saurabh Garg 10/30/2013 10:42 AM
1365 Bug Resolved Normal Doesnt complain if method title is not provided Saurabh Garg 04/30/2004 07:31 PM
1326 Bug Resolved Immediate Registry: Back button erases all the data Saurabh Garg 02/12/2004 02:57 PM
1325 Bug Resolved Normal Check button should copy data from DSO to DSC Saurabh Garg 02/20/2004 05:44 PM
1321 Bug Resolved Immediate Registry: Selection from project list is entered under organization name Saurabh Garg 03/31/2004 01:34 PM
1309 Bug Resolved Normal Registry: Changes in Spatial Coverage Saurabh Garg 04/30/2004 08:27 PM
1308 Bug Resolved Normal Change text in Data set Contact Saurabh Garg 03/31/2004 01:26 PM
1306 Bug Resolved Normal Registry form doesn't format correctly in Mozilla. Saurabh Garg 02/27/2004 09:22 AM
1305 Bug Resolved Normal Display docid on the top of the edit form Saurabh Garg 02/27/2004 09:15 AM
1304 Bug Resolved Normal Add view button in addition to Edit and Delete button in resultset.xsl Saurabh Garg 03/31/2004 01:25 PM
1303 Bug Resolved Immediate Entering of spatial coverage and temporal coverage as optional for NCEAS Saurabh Garg 04/30/2004 07:11 PM
1301 Bug Resolved Normal Repeatable button for Originators and Keywords entry Saurabh Garg 04/29/2004 11:45 AM
1298 Bug Resolved Normal Change in the way required fields are displayed Saurabh Garg 04/28/2004 12:10 PM
1214 Bug Resolved Normal emlb6 to eml2 conversion style sheets should be usable by both metacat and morpho Saurabh Garg 08/11/2005 03:40 PM
1212 Bug Resolved Immediate inline data file couldn't be deleted if uploading xml document failed Jing Tao 03/15/2004 10:55 AM
1186 Bug Resolved Normal query returning invalid UTF-8 sequence Jing Tao 10/10/2003 03:05 PM
1130 Bug Resolved Normal System Id is changed by Metacat Jing Tao 08/14/2003 04:52 PM
1127 Bug Resolved Immediate marine web site enhancements Chad Berkley 06/14/2004 02:26 PM
1048 Bug Resolved Normal create delete from ldap table code Dhanu Babu 05/14/2003 01:15 PM
1047 Bug Resolved Normal Create triggers on LTER tables for ldap insert David Blankman 09/20/2004 10:44 AM
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