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6959 Bug http response charset not included New Normal ben leinfelder
6994 Bug Bad call to MNStorage.update() via REST API can result in bad state and StackOverflowErrors New Normal
6995 Task Error message doesn't provide cause of error New Normal
7022 Bug Fatal processing error when updating an object with incorrect sysmeta New Normal
7061 Bug Remove the oracle part on documentation New Normal Jing Tao
7062 Bug Unable to login to admin interface intermittently, NullPointerException when fail New Normal Jing Tao
7092 Bug Upgrade xerces and xalan lib New Normal Jing Tao
7093 Bug Metacat-index is not indexing all package members correctly New Normal Jing Tao
7164 Bug View service rendering EML project abstract incorrectly New Normal Bryce Mecum
7173 Feature Add the measurementScale to the EML .xsl stylesheets New Normal Lauren Walker
7178 Bug MNodeService.getPackage() takes too long for large packages New Normal Chris Jones
7181 Bug Verify completeness of unit test MetacatRdfXmlSubprocessorTest New Normal Peter Slaughter
7182 Bug Allow partial package downloads when some of the objects are private New Normal ben leinfelder
7198 Feature Format solr engine description output New Normal Jing Tao
7210 Bug View service duplicates EML Text content New Normal Bryce Mecum
7213 Bug Document the EZID landing page template property New Normal Chris Jones
7215 Bug Metacat produces an invalid ZIP archive when a package member has an invalid formatID New Normal
7222 Feature In the EML .xslts, take the "id" attribute set on entity elements (e.g. otherEntity) and put them in the HTML New Normal Lauren Walker
7223 Bug EZID metadata registration doesn't seem to work with SIDs New Normal Jing Tao
7234 Bug Validate SystemMetadata.checksumAlgorithm in the DataONE API calls New Normal Jing Tao
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