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195 Bug allow metacat to store files on multiple fs In Progress Normal Jing Tao
213 Bug transaction support for packages New Immediate Jing Tao
1324 Bug A Commit or Save Work button that wrote intermediate results to the metadata New Normal Chris Jones
4886 Bug "DatabaseService is already registered" error after configuring Metacat New Normal ben leinfelder
5243 Bug ldapweb.cgi crashes with invalid password characters New Normal Jing Tao
6038 Bug In the systemmetadata table on the dev2 machine, some guids have archvied=false and obsoleted_by= null, but the guids are the values of obsoletes of the other rows. New Normal
6185 Bug Chinese characters are sorted before alphanumeric characters New Normal
6225 Bug Need a link for account skin to come back the home page New Normal
6355 Feature Print "N/A" or similar when EML fields don't exist rather than print a blank node New Normal
6445 Feature Alter so that the script will iterate over pages of objects instead of updating the count in the code manually New Normal Lauren Walker
6516 Bug Solr index doesn't work in the remote host in the replication when a host is ubuntu 12.04 and another one is ubuntu 14.04 New Normal
6554 Feature Tag the Metacat doc pages to populate the docs index New Normal Lauren Walker
6649 Bug Metacat MN.create method doesn't check if the identifier exists in CNs (dataone network) New Normal Jing Tao
6746 Bug Should create a Ecogrid tag from SEEK/Branch_1_2_3 for Metacat New Normal Jing Tao
6793 Support Update DOIs from KNB to redirect to view service In Progress High ben leinfelder
6848 Feature Add link to send another verification email New Normal ben leinfelder
6951 Feature Develop XSLT for ISO-19119 for Member Node Services New Normal
6952 Bug error trying updating metadata on New Normal
6959 Bug http response charset not included New Normal ben leinfelder
6994 Bug Bad call to MNStorage.update() via REST API can result in bad state and StackOverflowErrors New Normal
6995 Task Error message doesn't provide cause of error New Normal
7022 Bug Fatal processing error when updating an object with incorrect sysmeta New Normal
7061 Bug Remove the oracle part on documentation New Normal Jing Tao
7062 Bug Unable to login to admin interface intermittently, NullPointerException when fail New Normal Jing Tao
7092 Bug Upgrade xerces and xalan lib New Normal Jing Tao
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